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Since 1935, the general distribution of income has _______.

remained largely consistent


The income for the top five CEO is ______ time higher than that of the average worker's income in the United States.



Why might a farmer have a great deal of wealth but very little income ?

He might own a lot of land but have a hard time turning a profit on his crops.


Weber identified property, power, and _________ as the three elements of the social class.



Bank accounts, stocks, and bonds, cash, and commodities are all examples of someone's _______.



Wright Millis coined the term power elite to refer to _______.

those who make the big decisions in U.S society.


Income is ______.

a flow of money.


Which of these situations is most likely to lead to anomie?

Status inconsistency that is a result of sudden wealth.


In Marx's model of social class, which of the following people would be considered a member of the bourgeoisie?

An owner of an auto repair shop who owns the building.


Which of the following people would be a member of the petty bourgeoisie based on Erik Wright's modification of Karl Marx's model?

An owner of a small cafe


Which of the following people could be said to occupy contradictory class location?

An automobile mechanic who became a business owner.


Which of the following is most likely true of the nouveau riche?
- They are highly esteemed by those with "old money."
- They are considered "blue-bloods"
- They are not trusted by the "old money" class to have the right orientations to life.
- They include those listed in the Social Register.

They are not trusted by the "old money" class to have the right orientations to life.


Which if the following is most likely to be true of people who are higher on the social class ladder?

They have greater control over their lives than people on the lower end of the social class ladder.


Children of the capitalist class have _____.

the fewest "eligible" marriage partners of any class.


Why is the death rate among elderly poor people higher than the death rate among elderly wealthy people?

The wealthy have better access to medical care.


In term of their politics, members of the working class tend to ______.

believe the government should intervene in the economy.


The likelihood of divorce is ________.

greater for those in the lower social classes.


Which of the following is most likely to be true regarding the physical health factors affecting the poor?

Infants born to the poor are most likely to die before their first birthday.


Baptists tend to be ______.

members of the lower classes.


The three basic types of social mobility are _______, ______, and _______.

intergenerational; structural; exchange.


The study by Higginbotham and Weber confirms ______.

the importance of the family in the socialization process.


An example of upward social mobility occurs when ______.

children occupy a higher position on the social class ladder than their parents.


With regard to women and social mobility, feminists ______.

object to then notion that women have no class position of their own.


Exchange mobility occurs when ______.

larger numbers of people move up and down the social class ladder but, on balance, the proportions of the social classes remain about the same.


Structural mobility refers to ______.

society changing to allow large numbers of people to up or down the social class ladder.


The U,S government poverty line _____.

is the same for working mothers who pay for child care as for mothers with no child-care expenses.


The current measure for determining the poverty line in the United States was drafted in the ______.



According to figure 10.7, the racial ethnic group with the highest percentage in poverty for those 65 and older are _______.

African Americans and latinos.


Why might rural Americans have a higher rate of poverty than the national average?

They tend to be less educated and have less educated and have less access to high-paying jobs.


With reference to children under the age of 18, which of the following statement is true?

Latinos have a higher rate of poverty` than Asian Americans.