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It is the policy of the CHP that officers ______conduct traffic enforcement stops for the primary purpose of drug interdiction in the absence of probable cause or reasonable suspicion to believe the motorist or an occupant of the vehicle is involved in illegal drug-related activity.

Shall not


After a stop has been made, officers _____extend the stop beyond the time necessary to address the traffic violation unless there is reasonable suspicion or probable cause of criminal activity.

Shall not


Prima facie enforcement actions shall be guided by the following criteria: (a) At ___ miles per hour (MPH) or more above the prima facie speed limit, the officer shall stop and should issue a CHP 215, Notice to Appear. (b) From ____ MPH above the prima facie speed limit, the officer should stop and take appropriate enforcement action. (c) From _____ MPH above the prima facie speed, the officer may stop and take appropriate enforcement action.

(a) 10 miles per hour (b) 5 to 9 miles per hour (c) 1 to 4 miles per hour


OOS orders _____ be limited to currently assigned commercial enforcement officers and Motor Carrier Specialists, who have successfully completed the Level 1 NAS training class and any uniformed supervisor (pursuant to Section 24002 VC for CMV>



True or False: Neither military nor civilian federal employees are subject to hours-of-service or drivers’ log requirements. Drivers employed by private carriers providing vehicles to the federal government on an exclusive use basis are not federal employees and are subject to these requirements.



When an equipment, size, or weight violation of state law is observed on a federal vehicle and the violation is not attributable to the driver, citations _____be issued. Violations _____ be reported by memorandum to the employee's immediate commander.

(a) shall not (b) shall


No California driver license or driver certificate shall be valid for operating any commercial motor vehicle requiring a driver to hold any driver certificate or any driver license endorsement unless a medical certificate approved by the DMV, the Federal Motor Carrier safety administration or the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which has been issued within ____, is in the immediate possession of the driver.

Two Years


Section 23152(d) and 23153 (d) VA make it unlawful for person to drive a commercial vehicle with a BAC of ___ % or greater



Section 1213.1(c) CCR 13 required officers to place the operator of a commercial motor vehicle out-of-service for a period of ___ hours when the driver is found to have a BAC of 0.01 or greater.

24 hours


If a driver of a commercial motor vehicle is under the influence of drugs or a combination of alcohol and drugs and the BAC count is less than ____%, sections 23152(a) and 23153(a) VC apply.



Criteria for requesting MAIT Assistance.

(a) A fatal or severe injury collision occurs involving an on-duty CHP or Caltrans employee, including subcontractors working on a Caltrans work project (i.e., broken bones, dislocated or distorted limbs, severe lacerations, or unconsciousness at or when taken from the collision scene). (b) A fatal or severe injury accident occurs involving a departmental aircraft or when specifically requested by the OAO. In cases where the collision or incident involves substantial damage only, OAO may determine if MAIT involvement is required. A qualified member of OAO will be assigned as a member of the MAIT conducting the investigation of any departmental aircraft accident or incident.


The appropriate Division commander shall be notified for the following types of incidents for which MAIT ____ be utilized



AWOL is the separation of an employee who is AWOL for ______ or more consecutive working days whether the absence is voluntary of involuntary.



uniformed employees shall not be considered available if the assignment would result in the employee working more than ____ hours in any 24hour period



HPM 9.1 Employee Relations Manual

If any provisions of this manual conflict with provisions of a contract reached pursuant to Govt Code Sec 3517.5, the _______ shall be controlling



POBR.  CHP policy provides protections to all employees, except ______



Bulletin Boards

A recognized organization may use existing bulletin boards to post information on the followng subjects:

  • notices/results of official committee or meeting
  • notices of elections and their results
  • notices of recreational/social events
  • other official business



Withdrawals. To utilize time from the contributory bank, an authorized employee must provide reasonable advance notice of their request to the supervisor. If approved, the employee shall complete a _________, Representation Reporting, (Annex A) according to instructions as detailed in this chapter. The time expended should also be recorded on the CHP 415, Daily Field Record, utilizing Beat Code _____ .

CHP 610/833


No state employee who is on duty or on standby for duty shall:




(a) Use, possess, or be under the influence of illegal or unauthorized drugs or other illegal mind-altering substances; or

(b) Use or be under the influence of alcohol to any extent that would impede the employee's ability to perform their duties safely and effectively.

NOTE: For the purposes of this policy, standby for duty occurs when an employee is designated on standby and must thereby be available to respond to an incident within a specified period of time. This includes situations such as planned protest  demonstrations, special events, and natural disasters.


HPM 9.2 CH 3 3-3




Sensitive Positions. Only employees serving in sensitive positions shall be subject to substance testing when there is ___________

reasonable suspicion


HPM 9.2 CH 3 3-4


The following departmental classifications have been designated and approved as sensitive positions:

(1) All peace officers.

(2) All cadets.

(3) Automobile Mechanic.

(4) Automotive Technician series.

(5) Commercial Vehicle Inspection Specialist I and II.

(6) Public Safety Dispatcher and Public Safety Operator.

(7) Public Safety Dispatch Supervisor I and II.

(8) Gunsmith.

(9) Heavy Truck Driver.

(10) Lead Automobile Mechanic.

(11) Lead Motorcycle Mechanic.

(12) Motor Carrier Specialist I, II and III.

(13) Motorcycle Mechanic.

(14) School Pupil Transportation Safety Coordinator.


HPM 9.2 CH 4 4-4




Sample Collection at Work Location. 

Ensure at least _____ milliliters (approximately two fluid ounces) of urine is collected (to be split into two containers after collected);



HPM 9.2 CH 7 7-5


A complaint allegation will have one of five findings. What are they in order of severity?



(1) Sustained - The act (or omission) did occur, and it is deemed improper.

(2) Unintentional Error - The act (or omission) did occur and it is deemed

improper, but was the result of an employee’s honest mistake.

(3) Undetermined/No Finding - Used only when the evidence, or lack thereof,

precludes the investigator from making a definitive judgment.

(4) Departmental - Used when the employee’s actions are fully in compliance with Department policy and/or procedure, but the policy or procedure itself is found to be erroneous or is the cause of the complainant’s concerns. Departmental is also the only allowable finding for Departmental complaints.

(5) Exonerated - The employee did not commit the act (or omission), or did commit the act and it is deemed to be proper or within Department policy.


HPM 10.4 CH 2 2-2


a GO shall not exceed ____ numbered pages, including attachments.



Departmental policy is established or changed by the ___________ and is contained in GOs, HPMs, or on a temporary basis, in Comm-Net messages and MMs.



Approving Authority

The ____________ is the approving authority for all publications that announce new or amended departmental policies, those which by law or regulation require signature, and those providing direction to both field and staff.

Office of the Commissioner


(1) Section 9801(a)(1) of the California Vehicle Code – Department of Motor

Vehicles Vehicle Seizure for Delinquent Registration.

Any seizure made under this authority shall be with the concurrence of a supervisor who is familiar with the contents of this chapter relating to such seizures and who has assured that the procedures have been followed. A vehicle seized pursuant to the authority of Section 9801(a)(1) CVC shall be released to the R/O, legal owner (L/O), or agent, without being sold if documentation from the DMV is presented authorizing its release. The release should show either the appropriate fees have been paid to the DMV or the DMV has rescinded its decision to sell the vehicle.



The One Trip Permit may be used:

To move the vehicle for one round trip, from one place to another for the purpose of participating as a vehicular float or display in a lawful parade or exhibition. The total round trip cannot exceed ______ miles and must be completed within 60 days.


HPM 82.5 2-10




Nonresident Student.

To qualify for the exemption from registration as a nonresident student, a nonresident student must meet the following requirements:

(a) Must be paying nonresident tuition, unless attending a private college or university.

(b) Must be under 23 years of age.

(c) Must still be a dependent.

(d) Must be unemployed.

Exemption: Students may be employed in a position required as part of their educational field when their earnings are directed toward their education rather than being taken as an income. examples: Communications major working in a radio station or a medical student working in a hospital or laboratory.

(e) Must have valid registration from their home state.

(f) May possess a California driver license or may operate on a valid driver license from their home state.






T or F

Dual Registration. Occasionally, the registration laws of another state may

require registration of a vehicle which is also required to be registered in

California. In such cases, the vehicle may display license plates from more

than one state. Dual, or “interstate” registration, is a legal option available to

owners of such vehicles, and the display of more than one valid license plate is not

a violation.