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1. Community outreach and public awareness programs are most effective when_________ and the CHP combine their efforts to accomplish an

Traffic Safety Stakeholders


Community outreach policies and practices ______ be followed to develop and incorporate community participation and involvement in departmental operations and traffic safety marketing, to proactively build partnerships rather than waiting for a problem to arise.



Experts have found trust develops from the top down, not the bottom up.

false - bottom up


4. California Highway Patrol employees shall not participate while on duty in
parades, community or organization celebrations, or advocacy events without prior approval of their ________.



5. Which of the following statements is not true?
a. Departmental employees are not to wear an approved CHP uniform,
equipment, or recognizable portion thereof to any event while off duty without the permission of the Office of the Commissioner
b. Employees participating in an event while off duty shall not make public statements or speak on behalf, or as a representative, of the CHP indicating support or affiliation by the Department with the event, its message, or cause.
c. Display or carry banners or signs with the CHP name or logo, or in any
way indicate advocacy or support by the Department of the event or cause.
d. None of the above
e. All of the above

D (all statements are true)


Which of the following is a true statement regarding CHIPper?

a. CHiPper should not talk unless absolutely necessary.
b. The wearers of the CHiPper costume may clown around while in costume, but only when dealing with children.
c. Characters shall never wander off alone without an escort.
d. Although a prop gun is included with the costume, it is recommended the character wear the departmental gun.
e. a, c &d

e. a, c &d


Eligible employees may receive up to ____ hours of mentoring leave per calendar year to participate in mentoring activities, once they have used an equal amount of their personal time for these activities.



The Right Turn Program is a proactive traffic safety outreach program designed to reach out to __________________________.

Middle school students, ages 11 to 14


Bilingual positions are filled when the number of LEP (limited English proficiency) persons, in any given language, comprises _______ or more of the public contacts experienced by any local office of a state agency.

5 percent


The use of any official CHP insignia decals must be approved by the Commissioner’s Office.
True or False