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1. The CHP 51WP shall be used only for correspondence between state
agencies. Departmental letterhead shall be used for all other correspondence
outside of state agencies.

a. True


2. _____________ correspondence is prepared on a CHP 51WP,
Memorandum template, and shall be used for intradepartmental and
interdepartmental correspondence. (Correspondence to appointed officials shall be
prepared as a memorandum.) It is also used to address other state agencies.

c. Category 1


3. In general, _____________ correspondence is prepared on California Highway
Patrol (CHP) letterhead. It shall be used for correspondence directed to agencies
or individuals outside of California state government.

b. Category 2


4. The signature block on all categories of correspondence shall be blocked flush with the left margin and shall be ______ line spaces [_______ blank line spaces] below the complimentary close.

c. four three


5. Correspondence file numbers consist of all of the following elements (separated by periods), except?

d. Addressee


6. All correspondence replying to inquiries from members of the Legislature shall be coordinated with _____________________.

a. Office of Special Representative


7. All replies for Legislators shall be double-spaced on plain paper accompanied by a _________________.

d. cover letter


8. The International System of 24-hour, four-digit time designation ______ be used in intradepartmental correspondence when a reference to time is necessary.

b. shall


9. The American System of time expression ___________ be used in interdepartmental and letterhead correspondence (i.e., 5:15 p.m.).

c. shall


10. Full block style (all structural parts beginning flush with the left margin) _________ be used in all departmental correspondence except for correspondence that is prepared for the Governor and the BTH Secretary.

b. shall


11. Single paragraph letters and memorandums shall be double-spaced. The first line shall not be indented. Full block style shall be used.

a. True


12. Multiple paragraph letters and memorandums shall be single-spaced.

a. True


13. For a multiple page correspondence, the second and each page thereafter shall have the following at the top of the page (in the correct order):

a. name of the addressee(s) as it appears in the inside address, the page number, and the date


14. A paragraph of less than _______ lines shall not be divided between pages in a multiple page correspondence. And, when a paragraph is separated between pages, there shall be at least ________ lines on each page.

b. four two


15. Departmental correspondence should be prepared with either ____________ or ____________ type face.

b. Times New Roman, Arial


16. “Attachment(s)” is used for memorandums, and “Enclosure(s)” is used for letters.

a. True


17. No personal mail shall be dispatched using departmental stationery, envelopes, or postage.

a. True