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Program objectives are:

Provide appropriate benefits to qualified disabled employees.

Provide for prompt and effective reporting of injuries within designated time frames.

Return disabled employees to work as soon as medically appropriate.

Maintain on-going communication with injured employees.


A ____________ designation applies for those injuries which do not require any first aid, medical treatment, or lost time.

record only


When an employee is unable to return to work on the next scheduled work shift the injury or illness is considered __________.

a disabling injury or illness


An employee who is injured while on duty and goes home for the remainder of the shift but reports back to work (full or limited duty) the next scheduled work shift has a ___________ injury.



A hazardous exposure is defined as ____________________.


exposure to any chemical, biological, or physical agent which does not result in an injury or illness.


A recurrence of an injury is defined as a spontaneous recurrence (with/without) a new causative incident.



An aggravation of a prior injury has an identifiable new ______________ and shall be processed as a new injury.

incident of injury or illness


An injury or illness claim to which there exists substantial evidence to question whether the injury or illness is employment (job) related is considered a(n) _____________.

questionable injury or illness


Four separate injury related notices are to be posted in each work location. These are:



STD 621 - Injury procedures and potential sources of medical care

OSHA - "Safety and Health Protection on the Job"

CAL-OSHA S-11 - "Access to Medical and Exposure Records"

OSHA NO. 200- “Log and Summary of Occupational injuries and illnesses”


True/False – Commanders shall authorize medical expenses if preventative medicine or post-exposure testing is conducted relative to the hazardous exposure incident which did not result in employee injury or illness.



Supervisors if practical shall accompany employees to the initial medical appointment but in no event shall supervisors attempt to be present when ____________.

the employee is being examined by the doctor


Within ________ an employee must prepare a memorandum for a recurrence of an injury or illness.

24 Hours (If unable to prepare within 24 hours, prepare as soon as possible)