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. The Inter-Division transfer of vehicles is prohibited without the approval of who(m)?

The appropriate Commissioner


The Department has vehicles which are specifically designed for the use of canine officers. Commands with this type of vehicle shall inform FOS ___ days (___ days earlier than the standard enforcement vehicle) prior to reaching the replacement mileage, as outfitting this type of vehicle requires additional lead time.

90 days, 45 days


. State fuel credit cards are supplied for each state owned vehicle in the fleet. The fuel credit cards, furnished by Voyager Inc., are equipped with magnetic encoding. If a vehicle is transferred from one command to another, Fleet Operations Section (FOS) shall be notified immediately to assure uninterrupted use of the Voyager fuel credit card. Failure to do so may result in the card not working (True or False).

All employees using a Voyager fuel credit card shall complete a CHP 156, Fleet Card User Agreement. The completed CHP 156 shall be maintained at the Area office for the length of their assignment. All new hires and transferees to an Area office shall complete a new CHP 156 (True or False).



Complete interior/exterior detail may be completed once during the vehicle’s service life. Normally this professional detailing will be done at approximately ______ miles. This detailing is at the discretion of the commander.

50,000 miles


If time, as well as money, can be saved, in-house (at the Area office) vehicle servicing is encouraged. The scope of any local service program can only be
determined by the commander after a thorough review of priorities and resources. The primary consideration when conducting any vehicle maintenance and repair program is ________.

Personnel safety


The Department of General Services, Procurement Division, establishes a
statewide contract for unleaded gasoline. When a command has reached the minimum requirement to order gasoline, the appropriate supplier as identified by the state contract shall be contacted. Commanders shall ensure that a minimum gasoline order be requested, which is ____ percent of tank size for both underground or above
ground storage tanks.

90 percent


Hand tools which are lost or broken and cannot be replaced under the
manufacturer's warranty may be replaced using the _______. Purchases of
socket, wrench, or screwdriver sets with this card/system are prohibited.

CAL Card


Voyager Credit Card: The fuel credit card’s printed receipt does not include the vehicle number. However, the receipt does include the account number and sub-number. Is the vehicle number required to be written on the top of the receipt?



Commanders shall establish a routine vehicle inspection procedure at a frequency to meet local operational requirements. The ____-mile service interval is practical and serves as a minimum requirement.

5,000 mile


When you promote later on this year, and are given a command position, you get a take-home car! The home storage of state-owned vehicles shall be based on actual, rather than perceived, need. The demonstrated need and justification shall be
documented on a CHP 379. Who is responsible for reviewing all requests for home storage and ensuring compliance with California laws, regulations, and Department policies?

Division Commander