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State facility managers shall be made aware that if a CHP officer does not respond to investigate, the facility manger must report the occurrence of the crimes and criminally-caused property damage to the CHP on the ________

STD. 99


An Area may not enter into an MOU with local law enforcement to handle agency requests for service.

False - may


Section _______of the California Government Code states that the California Highway Patrol (CHP) has jurisdiction over those matters related to the security of state officers, property, and occupants of state property.



In support of the program mission and policy, the following objectives related to state government have been identified:

(1) Enforcement of city, county, state, and federal statutes on state property. (2) Service of warrants, court orders, and other legal processes relating to state government. (3) To provide training, as requested, for state employees in crime prevention, emergency preparedness and reporting procedures, personal safety, and overall crime deterrence.


Section _______ of the California Vehicle Code authorizes the CHP to provide for the physical security of any current or former constitutional officer of the state and any current or former legislator of the state.



Whenever CHP personnel respond to a crime or when criminally caused property damage has occurred, the STD. 99 shall be prepared for entry into the ______________

State Crimes Automated Reporting System (SCARS).


Members of the Department shall provide police services to state agencies or honor arrangements established by ___________________with other law enforcement agencies, and will respond to immediate threats to safety as necessary.

Memorandums of understanding


Additional Services/Special Events. Who should handle Additional services and special event services?

services should not be handled by on-duty officers assigned normal patrol duties. Contracts should only utilize officers on reimbursable overtime


It is required the accident scene be preserved until the arrival of Cal OSHA personnel.



T or F

employees of this Department shall complete the STD. 268, Report of Injury on State Property, for incidents occurring on state property

False - shall not complete


What agency shall be notified on emergency response agencies when called to an accident involving serious injury, illness, or death of an employee of any employer in connection with her/his employment (industrial accident).

California Division of Occupational Safety and Health Administration



What are Priority one cases?   

crimes/incidents requiring immediate investigation and shall be documented using the CHP 216, Arrest-Investigation Report, and the STD. 99, Report of Crime or Criminally Caused Property

Damage on State Property


What are Priority two cases? 

crimes/incidents which require followup; however, no immediate investigation is required. These cases shall be documented using the CHP 216 and the STD. 99.


What are Priority three cases? 

crimes/incidents that do not have any leads and are reported solely for statistical purposes. These cases shall be documented using the STD. 99,


Area commands shall liaison with every state agency within its area of responsibility _________ to ensure facility managers are aware of CPS services available under the CHP CPS Program.



Is a permit required to distribute leaflets, pamphelets of non -commercial value.

Negative -  A permit is not required for the distribution of leaflets, pamphlets, etc., of a

non-commercial nature in or on state property.


A permit will be issued within _____ working days of receipt of a complete and

proper application,



Can initial requests to hold events on state property be accepted by phone?


Yes - may be accepted by telephone, facsimile, in writing or in person.


permits should be retained for a period of ____  years.



Within _____working days of notification of denial, cancellation or revocation, the

applicant or permittee may apply in writing to the Department for a review of the

reasons for the denial or cancellation. The proceedings for review shall be held

within ______ working days by the Commissioner or designee.



T or F

If the applicant is providing alcoholic beverages to be served, but not sold, no

approval licenses are required



The CHP provides reimbursable police protective services to state agencies under which program?


the Safety Services Program (SSP).


__________ and __________ are responsible for ensuring compliance with the provisions of the IIPP.



In accordance with Section 527.8 of the California Code of Civil Procedure, any

employer may seek a temporary restraining order, and an injunction on behalf of an

employee who has been the victim of violence, or a threat of violence in the

workplace. A hearing shall be held within _____days of the filing of the petition for the

injunction. If the requested injunction is issued, it shall have duration not to exceed

three years. Under this Section, the plaintiff may apply for a renewal of the

injunction up to ______ months before its expiration.



Training conducted by each Division should be coordinated with ______.



Initial training for personnel assigned to PSDs shall have a minimum of _____ hours training



______________ is responsible for the collection and analysis

of threat information data, investigation of crimes, and management of

inappropriate contacts or threats directed towards state public officials

Dignitary Protection Section, TAU


Any action taken in response to a report of a crime(s), inappropriate

contact, or threat directed toward a state public official beyond initial reporting or

response to an emergency situation shall be coordinated through _____