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Completed inspection documentation shall be signed and dated by the lead inspector and the commander of the inspected command. These documents shall be maintained in a chronological file for the ___ ____and be readily available for management review.

Previous four years, plus the current


. Inspections shall be based on the previous ___ consecutive months and
include an adequate sampling of procurements to test the integrity of each system.



The ____, Exceptions Document, shall be completed at the conclusion of each chapter inspection articulating any significant findings, accomplishments, corrective actions, unresolved matters, problems or progress, appeals, and overall impressions of the inspector.

CHP 280A


At least __ percent of overtime and grants, with a minimum of ten instances of claimed overtime and ten uses of grants funds, from the previous __ months shall be inspected. If any discrepancies are revealed, an additional __ percent of the specific program, or at least ten additional overtime claims and ten uses of grant funds, shall be inspected so that a total of __ percent, or a minimum of 20 instances of claimed overtime and 20 uses of grant funds, are inspected.

10%, 12 months, 10%, 20%


The Department utilizes the CHP 735 to document and facilitate reimbursement
from the arrestee for costs associated with a DUI incident requiring our
response. The following criteria must be met to enable the Department to seek reimbursement:

A. An arrest was made for 23152, 23153, VC involving alcohol or drugs.
B. The arrested party was determined to have caused a response to an incident.
C. A supporting evidential test with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)
result of at least .08% or greater, or a commercial driver while driving with a BAC result of at least .04% or greater.
D. Both A & C.
E. All of the above

Answer: E


Personnel assigned to a Flight Billet shall document their activity on a _____ series form.

CHP 93


Interviews of field officers in the Area to assess whether they are familiar with
the Area’s plans and goals, shall be conducted with a minimum of ___ percent of officers assigned to each shift or ___________, whichever is greater.

10%, or five officers per shift


Each command is required to complete the CHP 468, Vehicle
Allocation, and submit it to their respective Division by ____ of each year.

Jun 1


All parts and supplies on hand shall be inventoried _____ per Chapter 7 of HPM 31.1



Commanders shall personally contact their key contacts (i.e., local,
state, and federal elected officials or staff members) a minimum of once per quarter.
Contacts may be made with the elected member or with a key staff member in the
official’s office. Visits by lieutenants (non-commanders), sergeants, or public
information officers _____________________________ visits by commanders.

Shall supplement, rather than replace