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1. If, during a suspected substance abuse incident, there is a conflict between a bargaining unit Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) and the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) rules for substance testing, which should be followed?

1. When an MOU conflicts with the CalHR rules, the MOU shall take precedence


2. In what California Code will you find the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) policies and guidelines designed to achieve a drug-free state workplace, while protecting the privacy with due regard for the constitutional rights of state employees?

2. Title 2, Article 29, of the California Code of Regulations (CCR 599.960-599.966)


3. Are all classifications and positions within the Department subject to the requirements of substance testing?

3. No, only those in sensitive positions may be tested according to the provisions as stated in the Substance Testing Manual


4. Can a “non-sensitive” employee be compelled to provide a chemical test if reasonable suspicion exists to indicate on-duty intoxication or substance abuse?

4. No, however the non-sensitive employee may provide a voluntary sample if they wish.


5. What is the appropriate method of documenting on-duty intoxication or substance abuse of a non-sensitive employee?

5. A thorough investigation in accordance with the Internal Investigations Manual (HPM 10.2)


6. Who must order the chemical test for a “sensitive” employee when reasonable suspicion exists to suspect on-duty intoxication or substance abuse?

6. A confirming official, which will be the first designated manager in the supervisor's chain of command


According to CalHR rules, what is the primary test used for determining drug influence?
(a) Blood
(b) Breath
(c) Urine

7. (c) Urine, because it is less intrusive than blood, it can be collected by non-medical personnel, it provides the longest period of time for a positive test


8. After chemical test completion, what procedure is followed regarding the remainder of the shift of the suspected employee?

8. The suspected employee should be placed on dock status and transported to their residence


9. What is the role of the confirming official?
(a) Consider the facts and/or evidence and agree whether or not they support reasonable suspicion
(b) Ensure accurate and proper application of the rules
(c) Provide guidance and direction
(d) Authorize the substance test
(e) All of the above

9. (e) All of the above


10. If a previously unknown medical condition is discovered during a chemical test analysis of an employee, can the employee be subjected to a fitness-for-duty examination?

10. Yes, the Department has a responsibility to ensure public safety