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Travel expenses incurred by an employee for any type of interviews _________ reimbursable.



When Area personnel intend to seize a conveyance, they shall within ____ hours notify the Division AFC (Asset Forfeiture Coordinator) of their intent.



Which section of the CHP 735 for DUI cost recovery shall be completed when the billing is based on arrest

Section A


Upon receiving notice of a VCGCB Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board (VCGCB) claim, commanders _______ review the allegations therein. If they constitute a personnel complaint not previously investigated, a complaint investigation shall be conducted and processed in accordance with HPM 10.4, Citizens Complaint Investigation Manual.



Claims Against the Department - $1,000 or less should be filed within _____ months of the date of the alleged incidents. However, under certain circumstances, claims may be filed up to ______ after the accrual of the cause of action. Refer to Page 2 of the CHP 287, Claims Of $1,000 Or Less, for late claim requirements.

Six months/one year


________projects are those involving the repair and/or replacement of existing facility systems or structures. Some examples are: heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units, landscape irrigation systems, plumbing and electrical systems, fire alarms, lighting fixtures, paving, painting, countertops, fencing and gates. They may be planned projects or responses to unforeseen events and may be handled by utilizing the contract or X number process.

Special Repair Projects


When an employee is granted sick leave while away from employee’s headquarters for the purpose of state business, the employee may claim reimbursement for travel expenses for up to________. This time limitation may be exceeded in unusual cases with approval from the commander

Three days


Short-term allowance is intended for trips of such duration that weekly or
monthly rates are not obtainable. Most travel falls into this category. Normally, the short-term allowance will be discontinued after the ___ consecutive day in one location.



Claims for the transportation of state property by private vehicle will not be accepted unless it is clearly shown that such transportation is in the best interest of the state. _________ must be attached, signed by the commander, describing the items transported and the circumstances that require this mode of transportation to be used.

A memorandum


A number of criminal proceedings are initiated which involve officers who have been transferred subsequent to the time the enforcement action was taken. To expeditiously determine the necessity of returning a member to testify, Area commanders _____ request subpoenas, issued by the district attorney, for transferred officers to be served at the Area office at which the arrest occurred.