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What are global commons?

Refers to the resource domains or areas/objects/items that lie outside the political reach of any one country or nation


What are examples of the global commons?

Antarctica, the moon, the sea, the atmosphere


What is the common heritage of mankind?

The notion that global commons regarded as beneficial to humanity should not be exploited by individual states or nations


Why has improved technology and mineral scarcity increased the need for the common heritage of mankind?

Because it ensures that all countries have access to resources regardless of development. Technology makes exploitation much easier


What is the tragedy of the commons?

That free access and unrestricted demand for finite resource ultimately dooms the resource through over exploitation


Why does the tragedy of the commons occur?

Because the benefits of exploitation only apply to those who do it, while the costs affect everyone


Who proposed the tragedy of the commons?

Garret Hardin


What is likely to be over-exploited?

Any shared resources


What must be acknowledged by sustainable development?

The need to protect the global commons