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What are some of the causes of water pollution?

Domestic waste
Effluent from industries
Leachates from landfill and dumping
Point sources (eg factories)
Diffuse (non point) sources


What can be found in the River Mithi, Mumbai?

Untreated sewage, chemicals and disease causing microbes


What activities frequently take place on the banks of the River Mithi?

Illegal dumping of raw sewage
Industrial waste discharge
Washing vessels, animals and oily drums
Unauthorised discharge of hazardous waste eg zinc, lead


How has the River Mithi's characteristics been affected by the pollution?

Its carrying capacity has been reduced and the pollution is a threat to marine life as well as water quality


What are the social impacts of water pollution?



What are the economic impacts of water pollution?

Cost of treating the water
Knock on effects of trading eg fishing


What are the environmental impacts of water pollution?

Reduced capacity
Threat to marine life
Animals drinking from river in danger


What are the sources of water pollution in London?

Pollution form houses and agriculture
Misconnections and wrong plumbing
Appliances and dishwashers
Soaps and chemicals
Rain washing dirt from roads and car parks etc


What are the main causes of air pollution in Mumbai?

Industries in eastern suburbs and New Bombay
Rubbish incineration but the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation
Insufficient control over emissions from vehicles


What happened in Mumbai in 2010?

A chlorine gas leak from the Sewri industrial led to 76 people being treated in hospital


How large is the Municipal garbage dump?

100 hectares, with nightly burning of rubbish occurring


What are the particulate matter readings in Mumbai?

2000 microgrammes per cubic metre, safe limit 150


What are the social impacts of air pollution?

Cancer causing particulate matter
Bronchitis and asthma common


What are the economic impacts of air pollution?

Ill people not attending work
Gas leaks putting people in hospital gives company a bad name and compensation had to be paid


What are the environmental impacts of air pollution?

High carbon monoxide levels
Particulate matter significantly higher than safe limit


When was the Mumbai monorail opened?



What was the aim of the monorail?

To reduce car usage in the city and lower emissions from exhausts, encourage public transport


How were people encouraged to use bikes as opposed to cars?

By taking part in the cyclothon in 2010, with over 7000 participants


How is industrial pollution being lowered in Mumbai?

Chimneys must be above a certain height so that particulates dispersed more easily by wind and must have filters to take out poisonous gases


How are industrial effluents being clamped down on in Mumbai?

The authorities began to close all unauthorised activities which discharge effluents into the river


How was rubbish collection changed?

A proper system was set up to prevent citizens dumping rubbish into the river


What were people employed to do?

Those without jobs were employed to keep the river clean


What will be installed on the banks of the River Mithi?

Sewers, and sewage treatment plants


What is going to be done to the river bed?

It will be dredged to improve its carrying capacity


What is the T-charge?

A £10 charge paid by motorists driving into central London between 7am and 6pm


Which drivers have to pay the charges?

Those with the most polluting vehicles


How much money has been put in place to improve air quality in London by DEFRA?

£3 billion


What provisions have been put in place to improve London's water quality?

Definitions of controlled waters
Water Protection zones and Nitrate Sensitive Areas
Offences of Polluting Controlled Waters
Discharge consents


What strategies has London put in place to improve water quality?

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems


What is dereliction?

Buildings that have become dilapidated after being abandoned in urban areas, often caused by industrial decline