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What is municipal waste?

Comes from municipal services and activities such as street cleaning


What is municipal solid waste?

Includes solid domestic waste and commercial waste


What are the impacts of increasing waste?

Multiple risks to human health, respiratory and skin problems
Air pollution due to emissions and release of methane
Contamination of water sources
Loss of recyclable resources, metals, plastics and glass


What is a waste stream?

A flow of waste, from where it is created to where it ends up, in landfill, recycled etc


What are the social issues with waste in Mumbai?

No method of safe disposal for E-waste, can lead to serious health issues
Large network of scrap traders who sift through rubbish and sell it
People who work breaking down PCs and monitors exposed to harmful toxic chemicals


What is the concentration of particulate matter in the air in Mumbai?

2000 micrograms/m3 compared to the safe level of 150


Which gases are in high concentration in Mumbai?

Carbon Monoxide


Why is rubbish often dumped in the street in Mumbai?

There is no formal system for rubbish collection


What is residential waste?

From single and multifamily dwellings: food waste, paper, cardboard, textiles etc


What is industrial waste?

Light and heavy manufacturing: housekeeping wastes, packaging, construction and demolition materials, hazardous wastes, ash etc


What is commercial waste?

Sores, hotels, restaurants: paper, cardboard, plastic, food waste, glass, metals etc


What is institutional waste?

School, hospitals, prisons: paper, cardboard, plastic, food waste, glass, metal etc


What is construction/demolition waste?

New construction sites, road repair, demolition, renovation: wood, steel, concrete, dirt etc


What is municipal service waste?

Street cleaning, landscaping, parks, beaches, recreation: street sweepings, tree trimmings, general waste, sludge etc


What is process waste?

Heavy and light manufacturing, refineries, chemical plants, power stations: Industrial process waste, scrap materials, chemical waste


What is agricultural waste?

Crops, orchards, farms: food waste, agricultural waste, hazardous wastes eg pesticides


How much electronic waste is produced in Mumbai annually?

19,000 tonnes


How much rubbish does Mumbai's population create per day?

8500 tonnes


Why is waste collection difficult for low income countries?

It can be the single largest budgetary item, so often can't be afforded


What percentage of waste in lower income countries did the World Bank estimate was uncollected?



Why was Beirut in political crisis in 2015?

The overflowing landfill was closed and rubbish was left to pile up in the streets and rivers, leading to protests


What are the main problems with landfills?

The can release leachates into the soils and give off toxic and polluting gases


What were the government's targets for recycling?

To recycle 40% of household waste by 2012