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What is global governance?

The ways in which affairs affecting the whole world are managed


What did global governance begin with?

Religion, a globally followed set of rules


What are the focuses of global governance?

Civil conflict
Reduction of poverty
Trade and investment inequality
Human rights violations
Environmental issues
Financial stability


How is civil conflict governed?

UN and peacekeeping organisations required
Solves conflicts before they escalate
Contributions from many countries, united


How is reduction of poverty governed?

Intervention required from rich, foreign governments
World Banks/IMF involved, aid, NGOs


How is trade and investment inequality governed?

WTO settle trade disputes between countries
Ensures global trade runs smoothly
Allows trade between all countries


How are human rights violations governed?

UN needed to settle, court of human rights
Global human rights required for continuity
Prevents exploitation, slavery, inequality


How are environmental issues governed?

UN climate programme, IPCC etc
Creates global task force, untied
Ensures equality in actions


How is financial instability governed?

Organisation required to oversee global economy
Financial markets interconnected
World Bank, IMF, financial regulators


What are issues with the UN regarding global governance?

It can work to promote growth and sustainability but also exacerbate inequality and injustice


What is fundamental to understanding global governance?

Interactions between the local, regional, national, international and global scales


Why are NGOs often more successful in reducing inequalities than global political organisation?

They provide a constant stream of funding
Responsive in terms of community needs
Work on a national as well as local scale
Funds are direct