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What is the UN?

The United Nations


What does the UN do?

Known as 'The Guardian of international peace, security and human rights', it promotes the development of poorer nations through work with the IMF and World Bank


What are the UN's four main purposes?

Maintaining worldwide peace and security
Developing relations among nations
Fostering co-operation between nations
Solving economic, social and humanitarian international problems


How do affiliated programs link to the UN?

Affiliated programs, funds and agencies each have their own membership, leadership and budget which are independent international organisations funded by both voluntary and assessed contributions


How are UN programmes and funds financed?

Through voluntary contributions such as through UNICEF


How do specialised agencies contribute to the UN?

The WHO, for example, pays contributions in


How do member states fund the UN?

They each have set dues based on their GDP, economic circumstances, government debt etc.


What is a benefit of the Security council?

Their involvement with it meant the UN were linked with the exclusive power to deal with peace and security issues


What is the UN General Assembly?

A forum to discuss and assess important issues such as development and economic stability. Collaborates countries to face global issues, all countries represented


Which countries are the permanent members of the security council?

UK, US, Russia, China, France


What is the purpose of the security council?

To maintain security and settle international disputes


How is the UN unique?

It has almost global membership


What do the General Assembly make decisions on?

All key issues, such as international peace and security, admitting new members and the UN budget.


What is UNICEF?

The UN's Children's Fund


What are criticisms of the UN's welfare network?

'Politicisation, poor conditioning, bureaucratic incompetence and under-funding.'


How successful have peacekeeping operations been?

To a varying degree, some successful, others not, such as when peacekeeping forces had to withdraw from Somalia


What has the UN failed to limit?

The acquisition of increasing types and numbers of nuclear weapons