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Cartographer Definition

Someone who makes maps


Map Projections Definition

Special ways of representing the round Earth on a flat surface


What are the 4 properties or features Mapmakers use when they devise a map projection

Distance, Area, Shape, and Direction


What are the 3 categories a map projection can be group into

Cylindrical, Azimuthal, and Conic


Cylindrical Projection Definition

World maps with a cylindrical projection are most accurate near the equator and most distorted near the poles


Azimuthal (Planar) Projection Definition

Cartographers use azimuthal projections to show polar regions because azimuthal maps are most accurate at the center


Conic Projection Definition

If you placed a cone over a globe so it covered about half the globe, and then the images on the globe "jumped" onto the surface of the cone, you'd have a conic map projection. Conic projection maps are most accurate around the circle where the globe and cone touch


What is the most famous Cylindrical Projection

The Mercator projection is probably the most famous cylindrical projection


Why do sailors like the Mercator Projection

Sailors like to use Mercator maps because a line connecting two points on a Mercator map gives the best indication of the compass direction to follow


What is the problem with the Mercator Map

The size of the landmasses far from the equator are very badly distorted (For Example Greenland is much bigger than it really is)


Why was the Robinson Projection made

The Robinson Projection was created to improve upon some of the shortcomings of older projections like the Mercator


What does the Robinson Projection do

The Robinson minimizes distortion of most of the Earth's landmasses


What type of projection is the Robinson Projection

Cylindrical Projection


What is the problem with the Robinson Projection

Because it is a cylindrical projection, however, there is still distortion in the high latitudes


Many cartographers believe what about the Robinson Projection

Many cartographers think the Robinson projection best represents the size and shape of the Earth's landforms


What does the Goode's Interrupted Homosoline Projection do

Interrupted projections show the surface of the Earth in segments. The main advantage of an interrupted projection is that it minimizes distortion of the scale and shape of landforms


What is the negative of the Goode's Interrupted Homosoline Projection

The disadvantage of the Goode's Interrupted Homosoline Projection is that it breaks Antarctica and the oceans into pieces


What type of projection is the Goode's Interrupted Homosoline Projection

Cylindrical Projection


What does the Miller Projection do

It avoids scale exaggerations


Why do Mapmakers use the Miller Projection

To represent the entire Earth in a rectangular frame, mapmakers frequently use the Miller projection (sometimes called the Miller cylindrical projection)


What features are found in the Miller Projection

It has straight meridians and parallels that meet at right angles


What is the negative of the Miller Projection

Distorts shapes and sizes and distortion is extreme in high latitudes as is evident with Antarctica


What type of projection is the Miller Projection

Cylindrical Projection


What is the Mollweide Projection

The Mollweide projection is an equal-area projection. It has an elliptical shape


Who made the Mollweide Projection

German mathematician Carl B. Mollweide devised it in 1805


What is the positive of the Mollweide Projection

The size of landforms is accurate


What is the negative of the Mollweide Projection

The shapes near the edges are distorted


What type of projection is the Mollweide Projection

Cylindrical Projection


Who designed the Winkel Tripel Projection

Another German, Oswald Winkel, designed the Winkel Tripel projection


How does the Winkel Tripel Projection lessen distortions

It lessens distortions of scale and shape by presenting the central meridian and equator as straight lines. All other parallels and medians are curved lines