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How long was the Ancient Mesopotamian Empires

c.3500 - 539 B.C


What was one of the famous Art pieces made in the Ancient Mesopotamian Empires time period

Transport of wood in boats, Palace of Sargon II, Mesopotamian 717-707 B.C.


How long was New Kingdom, Egypt

c.1554 - c.1070 B.C.


What was one of the famous Art pieces made in the New Kingdom, Egypt time period

Garden and ornamental pool, Egyptian
c.1475-1410 B.C. and Master sketch from tomb of Horemheb, Egyptian c.1320 B.C.


How long was the Roman Republic and Empire

509 B.C. - A.D. 476


What was one of the famous Art pieces made in the Roman Republic and Empire time period

Fresco from the House of Livia, Roman
c.30-20 B.C, Fauna of the Nile mosaic, detail, Roman
1st century A.D, Room with frescos and mosaic from a Boscoreale Villa, Roman c.50 B.C, and Soldiers boarding ships on Column of Trajan, Roman A.D. 113


How long was the Byzantine Empire

A.D. 330 - 1453


What was on of the famous Art Pieces made in the Byzantine Empire

Justinian and Attendants, San Vitale, Ravenna A.D. c.547


How long was the Medieval Islamic World

A.D. c.750 - 1700


What was one of the famous Art pieces made in the Medieval Islamic World time period

Portal of the Friday Mosque, Isfahan, Iran A.D 1086-7


How long was the Chinese Southern Song Dynasty

A.D. 1127 - 1279


What was one of the famous Art pieces made in the Chinese Southern Song Dynasty time period

Bare Willows and Distant Mountains, Ma Yuan A.D. c.1190-1235


Fresco Definition

A painting done rapidly in watercolor on wet plaster on a wall or ceiling, so that the colors penetrate the plaster and become fixed as it drives


Asymmetrical Balance Definition

A quality in an artwork in which both halves are different but have the same visual weight


Illusion of Space Definition

The way a artist shows distance or depth in a flat artwork


What is seen in many different cultures art

Many cultures have used the same or similar art techniques


What are the best-preserved artworks from ancient times

People placed in tombs


Artists in Ancient Egypt worked for what

The glory of the Pharaohs not their own


How did Artists "preserve" objects

By painting them in their most recognizable and understandable views. This meant a single scene might have multiple views. The paintings are like puzzles to decipher


What made an Egyptian fresco different

They let the plaster dry first instead of painting on it directly


Egyptians used frescos to decorate tombs. What was another method

In other tombs, artists carved pictures into the stone walls, then added paint directly onto the stone figures


What did the Egyptians believe about tomb paintings

They believed that it helped the spirits of the dead continue to exist as they did while alive


How were Roman Homes

They had few doors


What do Chinese Artist's do

Chinese artists create their own visions of nature in their paintings. One Chinese artist said, "a painting should be something between likeness and unlikeness." Chinese paintings show the spirit of the artist within the mountains, lakes, and trees.


What is the most important color in Chinese paintings

Black and they change the value of the black by the amount of water


How were the Ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, and the Southern Song dynasty of China techniques similar

Could depict garden and other natural landscapes.
Show the illusion of space in various ways (overlapping, degree of detail, size differences, placement on the painting, darkness or lightness of color, single or multiple viewpoints) were made using various techniques and materials (frescos made by painting on plaster walls; paintings made on silk using washes and brushstrokes of black ink)


What does c. mean in the beginning of dates

It means Circa which is Latin for around or approximant. We put this before dates since we don't know when something happened so we put this to symbolize that it happened around this time


Roman, Byzantine, and Islamic created intricate what

Roman, Byzantine, and Islamic created intricate and richly colored mosaics and tile work. They covered floors and walls with depictions of animals, people, and mythical figures. They made striking geometric patterns using balance symmetry


The Friday Mosque is also known as what