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Early civilizations in China developed where

Along rivers in the valleys of the Huang He or Yellow River in the north and the Yangtze River in central China


The floods of Yellow and Yangtze River did what

The floods of these rivers deposit rich soil for growing crops, but they can also be incredibly destructive


What is the most populous country



What is the oldest living civilization



The civilizations that built Sumer’s ziggurats, Egypt’s pyramids, and ancient India’s citadels, or fortresses all came to a what



People in China can trace their what back to where

Their writing, history, art, and philosophy further back in time than people in any other nation


When did Chinese civilization take root

More than 3,000 years ago, and it’s been evolving non-stop


What started first: Civilization in China or civilization in Sumer, Egypt, and India

Sumer, Egypt, and India


China began without contact with who

Sumer, Egypt, and India


Why were people in ancient China were cut off from the rest of the world

Due to geographic features


What geographic features isolated China

To the North stretched the Gobi, a vast desert. In the west rose the jagged Himalaya and other mountainous lands. To the south and east lay the South China Sea, the East China Sea, and the Yellow Sea


How long did geographical features keep China isolated

Thousands of years


What was the first River where the Chinese civilization start

The Yellow River


How does the Yellow River flow

It flows north, makes an abrupt hairpin turn to the south, and then continues to the sea


Why is the Yellow River called yellow

The Yellow River is actually mud-colored, so why is it called yellow? Because it leaves behind yellowish soil behind when the rivers flood and waters recede. This soil is as fine as flour and good for growing millet, a kind of grain the Chinese made into cereal


Which River gave a second home to the Chinese Civilization

The Yangtze River


What is the climate like near the Yangtze River and what did they discovered

The climate there is warmer than in the north , the land green and lush. People discovered it was the perfect place to grow rice


What happened every spring at the Yangtze River

Melting snow from the mountains turned to water and fattened the Yangtze River and its many tributaries