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The Great Wall of China was one of the world’s what

Most massive building projects


When did the Great Wall of China begin

The wall was begun in ancient times, but most of it was constructed during later centuries


Even as people in different lands and civilizations set their sights on new goals, they seem to chose paths surprisingly consistent with what

Their past


Different people at different times and places have cherished different things. They’ve had different what

Ideas about what’s important


What happened during the period between 1800 and 400 B.C.

The rise of ideas with long-lasting effects, ideas still with us today


What ideas did they have in China

The scholar Confucius, through his writing and teachings, influenced Chinese civilization for centuries to come


What ideas did they have in India

The great religions of Hinduism and Buddhism emerged. These faiths are followed by more than a billion people today


What ideas did the Hebrews have

They broke tradition and started to follow not many gods but one god. They left the world of unpredictable nature gods behind. (Middle East)


What ideas did they have in Greece

People developed a new appreciation for the human person, human reason, and human dignity


What was the environment in China like when Confucius first began to teach

China was in trouble. Peace and unity had given way to warring among small provinces. Government was corrupt. The rich lived in great houses while the poor lacked even the basic of life, like food


How was Confucius like

Confucius was honest honest, fair, and loved learning. He gave China a philosophy that eventually transformed society


Shang Dynasty: China’s first dynasty, the Shang Dynasty, ruled more than how many years

600 years


Shang Dynasty: The ambitious Shang rulers did what

United the Chinese people


Shang Dynasty: They kept thousands of workers busy doing what

Building cities with huge stamped- earth walls


Shang Dynasty: In the cities, 100s of skilled craftsmen casted what

Bronze goblets, cups, and bowls. Meanwhile, scribes perfected a beautiful system of writing


Shang Dynasty: Under the Shang Dynasty, Chinese civilization did what

Flourished and spread


Zhou Dynasty: A 2nd family of rulers, called the Zhou (djoh) dynasty, came to power when

Around the year 1050 B.C.


Zhou Dynasty: How did the Zhou dynasty fall and rise

For a while China remained unified and peaceful , but then the Zhou empire began to break down as rival lords vied for power


Zhou Dynasty: What did the country break into

The country broke into multiple independent, unwary states


Zhou Dynasty: How was the power for kings

A king still ruled the country, but had very little power and most power was in the states


Zhou Dynasty: How was the environment in States

States fought all the time


Zhou Dynasty: What was the countryside of China like

The countryside of China was filled with rich lords who kept their own armies and acted like tyrants. They attacked each other and taxed the people to pay for their wars and fine houses


Zhou Dynasty: What were rulers actions and characteristics during the break up of the states

Rulers at this time were cruel and indifferent , and Rulers cared little about the common people, and justice was almost nowhere to be found


Confucius: When and Where was Confucius born

Confucius was born in the time of turmoil around the year 551 B.C and his home state is in Lu


Confucius: What is Confucius’ stories

According to tradition, Confucius’ father was a soldier and his mother was a young peasant woman. When he was just 3yrs old his father died. So Confucius started life in humble conditions. Nevertheless, at an early age Confucius made up his mind to become a scholar. “At 15, I set my heart on learning,” he said. He studied all the ancient writings he could get his hands on. He spent his time absorbing the history of China’s glorious past, and traveled state to state. In time, he gained a reputation as a learned man, and a group of young men began gathering around him discuss ideas and listen to what he had to say


Confucius: How was Confucius’ behavior to teaching

Confucius welcomed all students who came to learn, even those so poor they had nothing to offer as payment except a package of dried meat


Confucius: What was Confucius’ one requirement to teach

A pupil had to show eagerness to learn


Confucius: What was Confucius’ real name

Confucius’ real name was Kong Qiu (KWANG choo). In China he came to be known as Kongfuzi (KWANG FOO-dzuh), which meant “Great Master Kong”. Most people,in the west know him as Confucius, which is Latin for Kongfuzi


Confucius: What were the conditions Confucius lived in

He lived in a time of chaos


What was happening in Rome in the 6th century B.C

Rome is declared a republic