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What species do dogs belong to

Dogs belong to the species, Canis familiaris


Trait Definition

A characteristic, such as hair color, plant height, or blood type


Throughout history, what have people done with dogs

Throughout history, people have breed different dogs with favorable traits. This breeding has gradually led to many different dog breeds with a wide range of traits


What were basset hounds bred for

Basset hounds were bred for hunting, in part because they have an excellent sense of smell


What were German Shepards bred for

German Shepards were bred to be all-purpose working dogs


What were Collies bred for

Collies were bred to tend flocks of sheep


What were Siberian huskies bred for

Siberian huskies were bred to pull dog sleds through the snow


What have people done with horses over hundreds of years

They have bred them for desired traits


What were Clydesdales horses bred for

They were bred to pull heavy loads


What were Thoroughbred horses bred for

They were bred to be fast


Where does corn originate

In the Americas


What happened as corn spread to new cultures

As corn spread to new cultures, people discovered new uses for it. Due to this, they selected types of corn with traits that fit their purposes and grew corn from kernels, or seeds, that had those traits


What have plants near mines adapted to

Near mines, plants have adapted to the contaminated soil caused by toxic metals like lead and zinc


Can bacteria respond to stimuli

Yes, bacteria can change in response to the environment, and they reproduce quickly and can go through many generations very rapidly


What did Alexander Fleming discover in 1928

In 1928, Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, an antibiotic that could kill the bacterium staphylococcus aureus, and became the first modern antibiotic; was a treatment for s.aureus infection in 1941


What are the effects of s.aureus

It causes illness ranging from mild skin infection to life life threatening diseases


What happened in 1946, with the s.aureus virus

In 1946, some s.aureus bacteria inherited a new trait and were immune to penicillin


What happened in 1950, with the s.aureus virus

By 1950, 40% of s.aureus bacteria were immune


What happened in 1960, with the s.aureus virus

By 1960, 80% of s.aureus bacteria were immune


What is happening now with the s.aureus virus

Now, about 100% are immune and we need to find new antibiotics


True or false: climate and weather can cause change in an organism



How have House sparrows adapted to the NorthAmerican weather from Europe

House sparrows were brought to North America from Europe in the 1850s and have changed size due to weather


How does weather vary the size of house sparrows

Sparrows in the cold are larger than ones in warmth


Niche Definition

All the physical, chemical, and biological conditions a certain species needs in order to live and reproduce


How did Galapagos Finches adapt to droughts

Due to a drought, Galapagos Finches had to find new food and grew longer beaks to eat larger seeds


Who was Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin was a famous scientist in the 1800s. His studies led him to make contributions to the theories of evolution and natural section


Who were Peter and Rosemary Grant

Peter and Rosemary Grant are biologists at Princeton University who have conducted researched based on Darwin’s work. Their work has helped scientists understand how species change over time


Adaptations Definition

Something about an organism that allows it to live and reproduce effectively in its particular environment


Why do organisms adapt

To meet the 3 challenges of life


What are structural adaptations

Structural adaptations are an organism’s tools for survival