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brings light to significant, but obscure family patterns and processes
-can be a mechanism for the family to talk rationally about both historical facts and the feelings associated with them
-a diagnostic and treatment tool



term: what people reveal varies depending on the circumstance

projective hypothesis


What are some things that can be gained by the genogram?

the family can focus on the total picture rather than just the symptoms or presenting problem; the therapist can hear in the language of the family; is a tool for the therapist to educate clients about how families work in general and about their families


evaluates the level of differentiation of self from the lowest possible level of undifferentiation to the highest theoretical level--what Bowen assessment?

Differentiation of self scale


term: consists of the beliefs and convictions held by the person. People at the higher end of the scale have more of a ___ than do those at the lower end; formed their own beliefs and tend to be clear about the difference between what they think and how they feel

basic self