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mechanisms within families maintain a current state of....? which make family members resistant to change and must be disturbed for change to occur.



a system that has rigid, impermeable boundaries and does not interact with its environment- is what type of system?

Closed system


a system that has permeable boundaries, interacts with its environment, and is adaptable and receptive to change-type of system?

Open system


this term occurs when partners are preoccupied with their own problems, they don't accommodate to each other's roles, and compete for their childs affection, loyalty, and support-
can occur within the schizophrenia families

marital schism


this type of terms occurs when one partner is extremely controlling and the other submissive and dependent, distorts reality by pretending the family is normal
-schizophrenia study term

marital skew


term that predicts that schizophrenia develops in a child when the child is repeatedly exposed to contradictory verbal and nonverbal messages from his/her parents and not allowed to comment on the contradictions
-study by bateson, Jackson, Hayley, and Weakland

double-bind hypothesis


What year did the evolution of family therapy begin?



What year was the "rush to practice" ? that relied on principles and strategies
-Salvadore Minuchin was involved heavily in this year



What year were innovative techniques and self examination in?
-number of studies were conducted and investigated that began to be recognized



What year did family therapy gain professional and respectable recognition in journals and other organizations?
-second order cybernetics begin in this year



What year did the trend start as integrating and eclecticism begin?
-recognition of culture and spiritual individuals in research begin
-influence of social constructionism started



What year did "moving beyond simply examining relationships within a family to adding an ecosystemic view concerned with social systems within which family's function in order to more fully understand the current diversity of family experiences.."
-ecological context, multisystemic interventions, and evidence based practices



When did MFT evolve?

when changing social dynamics and after WWII


Key contributors to family therapy based on what 5 factors ? name who and what

-Goldenberg & Goldenberg
1. extension of psychological tx including working with the whole family
2. intro to general systems theory; emphasis on exploring relationships among the parts
3. investigation of family and schizophrenia
4. development of the field of child guidance and marital counseling
5. increased interest in group therapy


what did therapists find about the family system in the 1950's? 2 things..

Found that when the patient got better, someone else in the family got worse; and when the patient's improvement didn't last when brought back home.


Alfred Adler described this term as: "developing a style of life in which they had concern for their fellow that their success would depend on genuine care and concern for others rather than the need to feel superior"

Social interest


first to believe that treating children might be the best way to prevent the development of mental problems..who?

Alfred Adler


Who opened the first marriage counseling center in NYC?

Abraham and Hannah Stone


Who introduced the term " conjoint therapy" in 1959?

Don Jackson


Kurt Lewin used what type of groups as research for observations?

Encounter groups and T-groups