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Age of onset of this disorder occurs usually in preschool or adolescence
-Symptoms include: irritable, spiteful, angry and argumentative- with authority and temper outburst
-to meet criteria: has to have 4 symptoms for 6 months
-occur in 2 settings
-argues with a person other than sibling
-precurser to conduct disorder



Symptoms include : temper outbursts that come out of nowhere: Aggressive behavior and temper outburst
-people have a serious problem controlling temper
-less severe: 2x a week for 3 months; more severe symptoms but less frequent for a year
-Age of onset: 6+ years old

Intermittent explosive disorder


Symptoms include: outburst that are inappropriate for the childs age; argumentative; anger or irritable mood almost EVERY DAY;
-conflict with everybody; argumentative and irritable mood; aggressive behavior can occur-can harm others and harm themselves; temper outbursts
3x a week for 1 year- duration must be
-occur in 2 different settings.
Onset: must occur before age 10 and child must have symptoms for 12 months -dx only at ages 6-18 yrs old

Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder