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what is the belief of IFS?

that each person has a core SELF that has clarity of perspective and other qualitites needed to lead matter how dysfunctional his/her seems.


What is the goal of IFS?

to help the client differentiate his/her core self and heal the subparts


What is the role of the therapist?

reestablish the self leader and help the family members notice when their parts have taken over; help each person develop a vision of how he/she wants to relate to his or her parts; work collaboratively


What are the 3 sub-roles if someone is hurt?

exiles, managers, and firefighters


term: contain the pain, fear and sadness from past hurtful experiences



term: try to keep the exiles and the feelings they contain out of consciousness; may avoid relationships or become perfectionist



term: used when the managers fail; douse the painful emotions with substances, self mutilation, or obsessive activity



Type of model that operationalized around 6 core domains- organization, sequences, development, culture, gender, and internal processes

metaframeworks model


term: therapist believes that people have a preference for how they would like to view themselves and others-- based on Eron and Lunds Narrative solutions approach
"problems arise when people arent living their....."

preferred view


How is integrative couple therapy different than traditional behavioral couple therapy?

focuses on support and empathy- built on the idea that successful relationship involves a certain amount of acceptance of differences and disappointments


What treatments are used in integrative couple therapy?

externalize the problem with the couple; define a conflict (theme), describe the dysfunctional pattern (cycle) ; help couple unite against the common enemy