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Transition process: accepting new members into the system
Changes required: adjusting couple system to make space for children, collaborating with partner in child rearing, financial, and household; realigning relationships to include parenting and grandparent roles; realigning relationships with community and society to include new family system

Families with young children


Transition process: increasing flexibility of boundaries to accommodate adolescents independence and grandparents age-related declines
Changes required: adjusting parent-child relationship for child's autonomy; refocusing on midlife couple and career issues; taking on responsibility for caring for parents; realigning relationships for the above mentioned

Families with adolescents


Transition process: accepting multiple exits from and entries in to the family system
Changes required: adjusting to living as a dyad again;
developing adult-adult relationship with children; adjusting to in-laws and grandchildren; exploring new interests and activities; dealing with disabilities or death of parents aging; realigning family relationships

Launching children & moving to midlife


Transition process: accepting new generational roles
changes required: maintaining couples functioning and interests, exploring new family and social roles; supporting adult children's roles and responsibilities; supporting older generation; realigning

Families in late middle age


transition process: accepting the realities of aging and death
changes required: coping with loss of partner, sibling or peer; preparing for death and legacy; adjusting to role reversals in caregiving; realigning

Families nearing the end of life


What are the 2 types of stressors that may disrupt family cycle development? According to McGoldrick and peers

Vertical stressors and horizontal stressors


Vertical stressors

stressor that includes genetic heritage; i.e. family of origin emotional patterns, myths, legacies, secrets; and sociocultural, economic, and political influences


Horizontal stressors

stressors/events that occur in te present and include unpredictable events; i.e.: untimely death, chronic illness, unemployment, natural disaster.