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What models are transgenerationals models?

Bowen, contextual, and object relationships


For transgenerational models, what assessments do they use?

self report and genograms
therapy is long term


What is different about the Bowen model compared to other transgenerational models?

Bowen models focus on PATTERNS that are transmitted across generations
-DIFFERIENTIATE between thoughts and feelings, relieve symptoms of anxiety, and take responsibility of actions


What is different about Nagy's theory?

focuses the breakdown of trustworthiness in families;
goal is multidirectional partiality


What is the difference between object relations ?

focuses on early childhood experiences during which emotional attachments are formed as well as on the introjection of good and bad objects
therapist is non-directive as opposed to Bowen as being more direct
-insight based


What are the strategic models?

MRI, Hayley, and Milan systemic


What do strategic models focus on?

positive and negative feedback loops
-based on Bateson's cybernetics


What is the focus of treatment for strategic models?

the presenting problem


What is the primary goal for strategic therapy?

symptoms relief and restructuring dysfunctional hierarchies


What is the difference between first and second order change?

First order change is just behavioral change/modification
second order is the underlying rules or beliefs that govern a family that change


What is similar about structural and strategic models?

they both are interested in behavioral sequences, the rules that govern behaviors, and the context that influences the rules
-both consider the impact of the life cycle stage
Both focus on the present


Type of model that focuses more on emotional experience over intellectual reasoning?

Experiential models


What are the integrative models?

IFS, metaframeworks, integrative problem centered therapy, narrative solutions approach