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What is the universal VHF emergency frequency?

121.5 - this frequency is guarded by military towers, most civil towers, FSS's and radar facilities.


What frequencies are used for ground control?

121.6 - 121.9


What is a CTAF?

Common Traffic Advisory Frequency. A Frequency designated for the purpose of carrying out airport advisory practices while operating to or from an airport without an operating control tower.


What is UNICOM and what frequencies are designated for its use?

UNICOM is a non-governmental communication facility which may provide airport info at certain airports. Airports other than those with a control tower/FSS will normally use 122.700, 122.725, 122.975, 123.000, 123.050 and 123.075.

Airports with a control tower or an FSS on airport will normally use 122.950.


What does ATIS mean?

Automatic Terminal Information Service is the continuous broadcast of recorded noncontrol info in selected high activity terminal areas. Designed to relieve frequency congestion and provide essential info.


If operating into an airport w/o an operating control tower, FSS, UNICOM, what procedure should be followed?

The MULTICOM frequency should be used on 122.9 for self-announce procedures. This is used to provide communications essential to conduct the activities being performed by or directed from private aircraft.


How can a pilot determine what frequency is appropriate for activating a VFR flight plan once airborne?

a) Ask the FSS briefer during the preflight wx breifing.
b) Consult the communications section under flight service for the airport of departure in the Chart Supplement US.