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What is a METAR and what are the two types?

A METAR is an hourly surface observation of conditions observed at an airport. There are two types of METAR reports. A routine METAR report that is transmitted every hour and an aviation selected wx report (SPECI). This is a special report that can be given at any time to update the METAR for rapidly changing wx conditions.


Describe several types of wx observing programs available.

- Manual Observations: reports from airports location FAA personnel who manually observe, perform calculations, and enter thier observations into the communication system.

- AWOS: Automated Weather Observing System. consists of various sensors, a processor, and computer generated voice sub-system and a transmitter to broadcast local, minute-by-minute wx data directly to the pilot.

- ASOS: Automated Surface Observing System is the primary US surface wx observing systems. AWOS provides continuous minute-by-minute observations that generate METAR's and other aviation wx information.


What are PIREPs and where are they usually found?

A pilot report (PIREP) provides valuable infomation regarding the conditions as they actually exist in the air, which cannot be gathered from any other source. Pilots can confirm the height of bases and tops of clouds, locations of wind shear and turbulence, and the location of in-flight icing. PIREPS should be given to FSS. There are routine and urgent ones.