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Define the term "task management"

Task management is the process by which pilots manage the many concurrent tasks that must be performed to safely and efficiently operate an aircraft.


What are several factors that can reduce a pilots ability to manage workload effectively?

a) Environment conditions - temp and humidity extremes, noise vibration, lack of O2
b) Physiological stress - fatigue, lack of physical fitness, sleep loss, missed meals, and illness
c) Psychological stress - social or emotional factors, metal workloads, etc


What are several options that a pilot can employ to decrease workload and avoid becoming overloaded?

Stop, think, slow down, and prioritize. Tasks such as locating an item on a chart or setting a radio frequency can be delegated to another pilot or passenger.

Remember: Aviate, Navigate, And Communicate


Why are pilots encouraged to use checklists?

To make sure that critical items are not overlooked and mistakes can be avoided. Keeps the cockpit high and tight and organized.


What are several examples of common errors that can occur when using a checklist?

a) Checklist items are missed because of distraction or interruption from ATC, passengers, etc
b) Checklist items are incorrectly performed
c) Failure to use the appropriate checklist for a specific phase of flight
d) Too much time spent with head down, reading the checklist and compromising safety
e) Checklist is not readily accessible in the cockpit
f) Emergency/abnormal procedures checklist is not readily available
g) Memory items accomplished but not confirmed with checklist


In what phases of flight should a checklist be used?

a) Pre-flight inspection
b) Before engine start
c) Engine starting
d) Before taxiing
e) Before takeoff
f) After takeoff
g) Cruise
h) Descent
i) Before landing
j) After landing
k) Engine shutdown