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What are some primary ways of obtaining a Wx briefing?

The FSS (flight service station) is the primary source for obtaining pre-flight briefings and in-flight wx information. The FAA provides the Flight Service program through FSS's (1-800-WX-BRIEF) and via the internet through DUATS.


What are some other sources of weather information?

- Telephone Info Briefing Service TIBS (FSS)
- Private industry sources


You're planning a cross country flight. Does the wx data provided by a commercial and/or third party vendor satisfy the preflight action required by 14 CFR 91.103?

Pilots should be aware that third party wx services may not meet FAA quality control standards. When in doubt, consult with an FAA Flight Service Specialist.


What types of wx briefings are available from an AFSS/FSS briefer?

- Standard briefing - Request when you are planning a flight and have not received a previous briefing or have not received preliminary information through mass dissemination media.

- Abbreviated Briefing - Request when you are needing information to supplement mass disseminated data, update a previous briefing, or when you need only one r two items.

- Outlook Briefing - Request whenever your proposed time of departure is six or more hours from the time of the briefing; for planning purposed only.

- In-flight Briefing - Request when needed to update a pre-flight briefing.


What pertinent info should a wx briefing include?

- Adverse conditions
-VFR Flight Not Recommended
- Synopsis
- Current Conditions
- Enroute Forecast
- Destination Forcast
- Winds aloft
- ATC Delay

Pilots may also obtain the following from a briefer: Special Use Airspace (SUA), alert areas, MOA (Military Operation Areas, warning areas, customs/immigration procedures


What is HIWAS?

Hazardous In-Flight Weather Advisory Service (HIWAS) is a continuous broadcast of in-flight wx advisories including summarized Aviation Wx Warnings, SIGMET's, Convective SIGMET's, AIRMET's, urgent PIREPS. HIWAS is an additional source of hazardous weather info which makes this data available on a continuous basis.

Navaids with HIWAS capability are depicted on a sectional charts with an "H" in the upper right hand corner of the identification box.


What is a "Flight information service"?

Flight Information Service - Broadcast (FIS-B) is a ground broadcast service provided through the Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) services network over 978 Mhz UAT data link.


While en route, how can a pilot obtain updated wx information?

- FSS on 122.2 and appropriate RCO (remote communication outlet) frequencies
- ATIS broadcasts along your route of flight
- Datalink Wx - Cockpit display of FIS-B info
- ATC (workload permitting)