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A majority of controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) accidents have been attributed to what factors?

a) Lack of pilot currency
b) Loss of situational awareness
c) Pilot distractions and brakedown of SRM
d) Failure to comply with min safe altitudes
e) Breakdown in effective ADM
f) Insufficient planning, especially for the descent and arrival segments


A pilot can decrease the likelihood of a CFIT accident at the destination by identifying what risk factors prior to flight?

Factors such as airport location, runway lighting, weather/daylight conditions, approach specifications, ATC capabilities and limitations, type of operation, departure procedures, controller/pilot phraseology, and crew configuration shall all be considered prior to flight.


Describe several operational techniques what will help you avoid a CFIT accident

a) Maintain situational awareness at all times
b) Adhere to safe takeoff and departure procedures
c) Familiarize your self with surrounding terrain features and obstacles
d) Adhere to published routes and min altitudes
e) Fly a stabilized approach
f) Understand ATC clearances and instructions
g) Don't become complacent