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What are the required tests and inspections to be performed on an aircraft?

- Annual within the preceding 12 calendar months
- Airworthiness directives and life-limited parts complied with
- VOR check every 30 days for IFR operations
- 100 hour inspections if used for hire/instruction
- Altimeter, altitude equip, and static pressure systems every 24 months if IFR
- Transponder every 24 months
- ELT operation/battery every 12 months


If an aircraft has been on a 100hr inspection schedule, under what condition can an aircraft exceed this 100hrs?

May not be exceeded more than 10 hrs while en route to the place where inspection will occur.


If an aircraft has passed an Annual Inspection due date, can it be operated to reach place of inspection?

Only under a Special Flight Permit issued by the FAA


How are Special Flight Permits obtained?

Go to the local FSDO


What regulations apply concerning the operation of an aircraft that has had major alterations/repairs which may have substantially affected its operation in flight?

No person can operated the aircraft until a private pilot flies the aircraft, checks the maintenance performed and logs the flight in the records.


Can a pilot legally fly with known inoperative equipment onboard?

Yes, under specific conditions. 14 CFR Part 91 describes acceptable methods for the operation of an aircraft with certain inoperable instruments. a) operation of an aircraft with MEL as authorized by 14 CFR 91.213.



For an aircraft with an approved MEL, explain the decision sequence a pilot would use after discovering the position lights are inoperative.

W/ an approved MEL, if the position lights were found to be inoperative prior to daytime flight, the pilot would make an entry in the the maintenance logs provided for that purpose. The item is either repaired or deferred in accordance with the MEL. Upon confirming that the position lights is acceptable in accordance with the MEL provisions, the pilot would leave the position lights off, open the circuit breaker, and place a placard on the position light switch as INOPERATIVE.