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Define diegetic sound

The sound that comes from the fictional world, e.g. the sound of a gun firing, cereal being poured into the bowl in an advert.


Define Discourse

The topics, language and meanings or values behind them within a media text. The discourse of lifestyle magazines, for example, tends to revolve around body image and narcissism.


Define distribution

The methods by which media products are delivered to audiences, including the marketing campaign. These methods will depend upon the product (e.g. distribution companies in the film industry organise the release of the films, as well as their promotion


Define diversification?

Where media organisations who have specialised in producing media products in one form move into producing continent across a range of forms.


Define Editing?

The way in which the shots move from one to the other (transitions) e.g. fade, cut. Fast cutting may increase the pace and therefore the tension of the text for example.


What is encoding and decoding?

Media producers encode messages and meanings in products that are decoded, or interpreted, by audiences.


What is an enigma code?

A narrative device which increases tension and audience interest by only releasing bits of information, e.g. teasers in a film trailer or narrative strands that are set up at the beginning of a drama/film that make the audience ask questions.


Define equilibrium?

In relation to narrative, a state of balance or stability (from Todorov’s theory the equilibrium is distributed and ultimately restored).


What does Ethnocentric mean?

A belief in the superiority of one’s own ethnic group or culture. E.g. newspaper will be more concerned to cover stories that are closely related to the reader and their concerns.


Define ethos?

The beliefs, values and customs of e.g. media organisations. In TV what the channel believes in and what it sees as its role. The ethos is set out in the channel’s charter.