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Apply Baudrillard's Post-Modernism theory?

Attitude subverts hegemony, men represented in magazine don't conform to dominant ideologies in society.


Apply Gauntlet's Identity Theory?

Consumers of Attitude can use representations of individuals to build ow identities, consumers part of LGBT so able to identify with men shown.


Apply Gerbner's Cultivation Theory?

The more consumers see representation of LGBT community (e.g. different 'types' of homosexual men) the more they will believe them to be true.


What are the Preferred and Oppositional readings of Attitude?

Preferred- magazine is voice for LGBT community and represents them positively.
Oppositional- representations uphold stereotype that all homosexual men are feminine.


Describe Butler's Gender Theory?

Sexual identity is an ideology which is reinforced through repeated behaviours.


What are some of the key media language aspects included on the Jake Shears Attitude FC edition?

Binary opposition - black and pink, blurs lines of gender norms. Painted nails and makeup.
Revealing clothes vs body hair- usually for women vs traditionally male body hair.
Military clothing- male.


Describe Butler's Queer Theory in relation to Attitude?

Theory- divide between men & women, masculinity and felinity re social construct. Attitude subverts stereotypical masculine & feminine representations by portraying men liking feminine things e.g. fashion.


Who is the target audience?

Professional and financially prosperous- with disposable income. LGBT men.


What socio-economic grouping would consumers belong to?

A, B or C1


What is the age of targeted audience?

25-35 bc of expensive products sold through magazine, meaning consumers need disposable income.


Political affiliation of audience?

Right wing wealth but Left wing ideologies.


Urban or Rural consumers?

Mostly Urban- availability of print edition and items advertised e.g. theatres.
Some rural- wealthy areas and mag available online.


Name 3 articles from Attitude magazine?

"Gay club XXL will arrive in Brighton next month"
"Range Rover Velar"
"Looking For Premium Male Makeup?"


What does the "Camp" LGBT representation do?

Persona reinforces views of gay sexuality being between masculine and feminine.


What is the MACHO LGBT representation?

A look that exaggerates masculinity.


What is the DEVIANT LGBT representation?

Evil or devious in tv drama, sexual predators or people who feel guilt about their sexuality.


What is the Attitude Logo important for?

Visual branding.


What is the main navigation for the homepage?

Menu Bar


What presents images in a slideshow format on the homepage?

A carousel/slider.


Name some conventions of an online magazine?

High image : Text.
teaser Headlines
Emotive Language
Foreground Advertising
Sponsored Content.


Apply Levi Strauss theory of Structuralism?

Focus on LGBTQ+ presents idea of conflict, community "good" those against it "bad", forming opposition.


Talk about the FC "The Masculinity Issue"?

Dark background, pink bold title, central image breaks conventions through using man and makeup, painted nails- Jake Shears- celebrity lead singer of Scissor Sisters.


In The Zanzibar article what does it show?

Community around world and news.


What does the Zanzibar article reflect?

That he magazine not only writes fun articles but also hard hitting news.


What suggests being gay is still seen as bad?

In Zanzibar article "suspicion of being gay"- still seen as bad thing in other parts of world, can lead to imprisonment or death.


What does Attitude do that mainstream usually avoids?

Represents a whole different group of people.


How does Attitude present a stereotype?

The way the community is constructed presents stereotype of how you must look and act- reinforced by lack of presentation in mainstream media.


How does Gauntlett's theory of identity and Pick & Mix fit?

Attitude doesn't show straight forward ideas about identity, agrees media more diverse now allowing readers to pick and choose identity.


How do you apply Butler's gender performativity theory?

Breaks conventions of gender norms reflecting how gender is social construct.


How can you apply Gilroy's post-colonial theory?

Presents people of colour and struggles, their sexuality presented as their minority rather than ethnicity, reduces colonial power through construction of different "other".