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Define media language

How the media communicate meaning through their forms, (types of media e.g. music, film etc,) codes and conventions and techniques.


Define representation

How the media portray certain events, issues, individuals and social groups.


Define Media Industries

How production, distribution and circulation are linked to and affect media forms and platforms.


Define audiences

How media forms target, reach and address audiences. How audiences might interpret and respond to different media forms and how audiences may themselves become producers.


What is a "code"?

The signs contained within a media product that give clues to the product's meaning.


Define Technical Codes.

One of the ways in which a media product is constructed, for moving image, this is the way in which camera shots, angles and movements are edited together to communicate messages to an audience.


What is a "Close-up"?

Used to create emotion and tension, a close-up on a character's face mask the audience feel involved with the character.