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How is the best friend characterisation shown?

Unscripted narrative, shown through casual discussion.


What 2 things is Zoella presenting?

Aspirational lifestyle (through aspirational narrative) and successful female.


In "Anxiety- The Update" (blogpost) what can you say about the aesthetic?

Amateur aesthetic through 'is that the saying?'


In "Anxiety- The Update" (blogpost) what can you say about the emotive language?

It is emotive though repetition of 'missing out'.


In "Anxiety- The Update" (blogpost) how is vernacular language created?

This is everyday language, created through 'straight from the horses' mouth'.


In "Anxiety- The Update" (blogpost) where is the narrative authenticity?

'and my last proper chat about it was 2012.'


In "Anxiety- The Update" (blogpost) where is the confessional narrative?

'it scared me to do it'


In "Anxiety- The Update" (blogpost) why shows the content is constantly updated?

The date '11th October 2016'


How can you apply Baudrillard's Postmodernism to Zoella?

Online is the ultimate simulacra, vlogs want authenticity, can't be fully authentic as gatekeeper choses what goes in- internet hyperreal, offering best versions of everything.


How can you apply Gauntlet's Identity theory?

by sharing personal stories online through blog she is imposing meanings on things her audience experience every day, use narrative from vlogs to frame own experiences.


How can you apply Hall's representation theory?

Zoella is own gatekeeper = self-representation.
Fulfils female stereotype through makeup, suasion, pastel colours- teaches young girls to be like her.


How can you apply Gilroy's Postcolonial theory?

All white, unlike traditional media she cannot cast other ethnicities. Might construct who should be around from videos, whit powerful figure in media reinforcing colonial power.


How can you apply Butler's Gender Performativity theory?

Reinforces gender norms, repeating them and reinforcing them in society.


Give some industry Context about Zoella?

over 16.8 million followers, user generated content, multi-channel network, money through monetisation through pay per click (PPC).


How do you apply Hesmondhalgh's theory?

Horizontal integration through MCN (Multi-Channel-Network), vertical integration through manager Dom at Gleam.


How do you apply Livingstone and Lunt's Regulation theory?

She tends to follow guidelines, CAP (committee of Advertising Practicing) regulates YouTube.


Who is the target Audience?

13-24 year olds, BC1C2 (youthful and energetic).


How do audiences interact?

Through comments, polls and social media.


What do the Collabs do?

Widen audience.


How do you apply Jenkin's Fandom theory?

Fans imitate Zoella creating subculture, create content inspired by her, fan fiction.


How do you apply Shirky's End Of Audience Theory?

Fan art and fan fiction, The Sun article Zoe scandalous for posting innocent photo = #westandwithzoe, audience not passive they are active, parasocial interaction.