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What is Curran and Seaton's Theory called?

Power and Media Industries


Summarise Curran and Seaton's theory?

media controlled by small number of companies (driven by profit and power). media concentration inhibits variety, creativity. socially diverse ownership help create varied and adventurous media productions.


What is Livingstone and Lunt's theory called?



Summarise Livingstone and Lunt's theory?

struggle in UK regulation to interest citizens (violent stuff) and interest consumers (choice, value, market competition). Increasing power of media corporations, and rise of convergent media tech, has placed traditional media regulation at risk.


What is Hesmondhalgh's theory called?

Cultural Industries


Summarise Hesmonhalgh's theory?

Cultural industry companies minimise risk and maximise audience through vertical and horizontal integration (e.g. through stars, genres etc.)
Largest companies (conglomerates) now operate across different cultural industries.
potential of internet contained by incorporation into large cultural industries.