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Define Action Code

Something that happens in the narrative, tells audience action will follow.


Give an example of Action Code

In a soap opera an intimate couple in a soap opera, then husbands car pulls up at the house.


Define Active Audience

When audiences actively engage in selecting media products to consume and interpreting their meanings.


Define Anchorage

Words which accompany an image (still or moving) contribute to the meaning associated with that image.
When caption or voice over change, interpretations of image may be altered.
Image with an Anchor = is a closed text; audience are GIVEN a preferred reading.
Image without an Anchor = open text; audience can INTERPRET it as they wish.


Appeal definition

The way in which products attract and interest an audience.


Give an example of an Appeal

The use of stars, familiar genre conventions.


What is The Arc of Transformation?

The emotional changes a character goes through in the process of the narrative. Events in the story mean they will "transform" by the end of the story.


Define Aspirational

In terms of a media text one that encourages the audience to want more money, up-market consumer items and a higher social position.


Define Attract

How media producers create appeal to audiences to encourage them to consume the product.


Define Audience Categorisation

How media producers group audiences (E.g. by age, gender, ethnicity) to target their products.


Define Audience Consumption

The way in which audiences engage with media products (e.g. viewing a TV programme, playing a video game, reading a blog or magazine). Methods of consumption have changed significantly due to the development of digital technologies.