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What is Stuart Hall's Theory called?

Theories of Representation.


Summarise Hall's Theory?

representation is production of meaning thru signs. relationship between concepts and signs governed by codes. stereotyping as representation reduces to few simple characteristics/ traits. stereotyping from inequalities in power= "other".


What is Gauntlet's theory called?

Theories of Identity


Summarise Gauntlet's Theory?

Media provide "tools" 4 us to construct identity. past media conveyed straightforward messages 4 ideal men & women identity. now diverse range, who we can pick and choose identity.


What is Curran & Seaton's Theory called?

Power & Media Industries.


Summarise Curran & Seaton's Theory?

media controlled by small no. of companies driven by profit & power. media concentration limits variety, creativity & quality. socially diverse patterns of ownership help variety & adventurous productions.


What is van Zoonen's theory called?

Feminist theory.


Summarise van Zoonen's theory?

gender constructed through communication, meaning varies through cultural and historical context. display of women's bodies as objects to look at core element western patriarchal culture. mainstream culture- male body is constructed as as a spectacle, cultural and visual codes differ from women.


What is Bell Hook's theory called?

Feminist Theory


Summarise Bell Hook's Theory?

Feminism is struggle to end sexist/patriarchal oppression and ideology of domination. feminism political commitment rather than lifestyle. race, class & sex determine extent of exploitation, discrimination or oppression.


What is Butler's Theory called?

Theories of Gender Performativity.


Summarise Butler's Theory?

identity manufactured through set of acts. No gender identity behind the expressions of gender. Performativity not a singular act but a repetition and a ritual.


What is Gilroy's Theory called?

Theories around ethnicity and postcolonial.


Summarise Gilroy's Theory?

Colonial discourses continue to inform contemporary attitudes to race and ethnicity in postcolonial era. civilisation constructs racial hierarchies, sets up binary oppositions based on notions of otherness.