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when was Water Aid charity established?



why was Water Aid established?

response to UN campaign for clean water, sanitation and water hygiene education.


Who has been their patron and since when?

Prince Charles 1991.


who created RFG and when?

Atomic London, October 2016.


how does the advert aim to show how communities benefit from clean water?

by depicting everyday chores e.g. farming and laundry.


give 2 examples of previous televised charitable campaigns that RFG followed?

1984- Do The Know It's Christmas? Single for band Aid
1985- Live Aid
1985- comic relief telethon.


what is the contemporary audience familiar with?

Codes and conventions of audio-visual adverts and those for charitable organisations.


How does RFG reinforce charity advertisement conventions?

Including key info about concern, personalised narrative relevant to info, direct appeal to audience for money.


how is RFG unconventional of this sub-genre?

Lacks non-diegetic voiceover, melancholic audio codes, black and white visual codes.


what is the first shot and what does it do?

Medium shot, pull focus between digital radio and rain window establishes ad in modern, British setting.


how doe we know the opening shot is in Britain?

audio codes are of an announcer with British accent.


what is connoted about the scenes after the first?

(In unnamed but likely African country) are happening at same time.


what do the visual and audio codes do together?

work together to construct narrative of "sunshine" (Africa) on rainy day (Britain), problems of drought, "lack of access to clean drinking water" charity aim to relieve.


how is suspense created?

enigmatic use of slo-motion, medium close-up, low angle tracing shot (feet and swinging bucket)- Hermeneutic code (Barthes)


how is suspense emphasised?

crescendo of song in water pump scene over informative on-screen graphic. (proairetic code)


How can Barthes' Semantic code be applied?

"make me feel, make me feel like I belong...", diegetically then as sound bridge over medium shot of women water.


What are the connotations of "make me feel... like I belong... won't leave me here."?

Audience help Claudia feel like she belongs, and if donate to Water Aid they "won't leave her" in situation.


How is Barthes symbolic code reinforced?

Drought ridden countries reinforced visually and through audio codes (until 00:47).


How can you apply Lévi Stauss' Structuralism? (how texts are constructed)

binary oppositions- song title "sunshine on a rainy day" over shots of children running, playing, more positive connotations emphasised by high key lighting.


What visual binary opposition is created?

between arid, washed out, beige & brown colour palette of 1st and 2nd 3rd then vibrant for 3rd 3rd.


how is a Conceptual binary opposition created?

on-screen graphic ("650 million people still don't have access to clean drinking water"), opposition between her positive story and other (650 million) people.


How does the conceptual binary opposition encourage audience to give?

they see how (650 million) others can be like Claudia if the give "£3 today".


what is an interesting intertext by wateraid?

"No choice", conventionally structured and represents suffering from main character more explicitly and emotively.


what did Water Aid say about their Rain For Good Campaign?

it had "deliberately broken away from the traditional charity ad formula". Due to public's desensitising to traditional fundraising tactics.


what archetype would audiences be familiar with?

stereotypical "victim" needing our help, from other charity ads- helps positive representation of healthy, independent, muscly talented Claudia stand out.


What is the dress code of the main female character?

Stereotypical knee-length skirt and pink colour palette in both her top and shoes.


What connotes she has "grown up too quickly" and why?

Her age is similar to other women, due to tough environment.


How is Claudia's independence connoted?

Wide angle shot at 00:18, she is denoted on her own on long, empty dust road.


How is Claudia presented as the ad's protagonist and character audience positively associate with?

Close-up shots using handheld cameras, open confident gesture codes.


What forms part of the "shared conceptual road map" (Hall- Representation)?

Dry, dusty African environment, struggling to survive.