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Define Caption

Words that accompany an image that help explain its meaning.


Define channel identity

That which makes the channel recognisable to audiences and different from any other channel. It could be presenters, stars, programme genres and specific programmes all contribute to a channel’s identity.


Define circulation

The dissemination of media products to audiences/users - the method will depend on the media form e.g. circulation of print magazines, broadcast of television programmes etc.


Define connotation

The suggested meanings attached to a sign, e.g. the red car in the advert suggests speed and power.


Define conventions

What the audience expects to see in a particular media text, for example the conventions of science fiction may include: aliens, scientists etc.


What headings would you use to discuss conventions?

Characters, setting, iconography, narrative, technical codes and representation.


Define convergence

The coming together of previously separate media industries and/or platforms; often the result of advances in technology whereby one device or platform contains a range of features. The mobile phone allows the user to download and listen to music, watch tv etc. All on one device.


Define cover lines

These suggest the context to the reader and often contain teasers and rhetorical questions. These relate to the genre of the magazine.


Define cross platform magazine

In media terms, a text that is distributed and exhibited across a range of media formats or platforms. This may include film, television, print, radio and the internet.


Define cultural capital

The media tastes and preferences of an audience, traditionally linked to social class/background.


Define Demographic category

A group in which consumers are placed according to their age, sex, income, profession etc. The categories range from A to E where categories A and B are the wealthiest and most influential members of society.


Define denotation

The literal meaning of a sign e.g. the car in the advert is red.