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What was VX-9 originally known as?

Air Development Squadron FIVE (VX-5)


When was VX-5 commissioned?

18 June 1951


Where was VX-5 commissioned?

NAS Moffett Field, CA


How many officers, enlisted, and aircrafts did VX-5 have?

- 15 officers
- 100 enlisted
- 9 AD Skyraider aircrafts


What was VX-5's mission?

Develop and evaluate aircraft tactics and techniques for delivery of airborne special weapons.


When did VX-5 move to Naval Air Facility, China Lake, CA and why?

- July 1956
- Availability of improved ranges and instrumentation facilities.


VX-5 DET Whidbey Island oversaw development of what weapon system?

EA-6B weapon system


When was VX-5 DET Whidbey Island relocated to China Lake?

January 1985


What was included in VX-5's mission?

- Operational test and evaluation of all air-dropped munitions destined for use in attack role by Fleet and Marine Corps.
- Development of initial tactics employed with new weapon systems
- Incorporation of electronic warfare advances into self-defense capability of attack aircraft


When and why was VX-9 created?

- June 1993
- CNO directed consolidation of VX-4 and VX-5 into single operational test and evaluation squadron.


Where was VX-9 located upon consolidation?

Point Mugu, CA


How many officers, enlisted, and aircrafts do VX-9 have?

- 67 officers
- 350 enlisted
- 28 aircrafts consisting of FA-18E/F Super Hornet, FA-18 Hornet, F-14 Tomcat, EA-6B Prowler, AV-8B Harrier, AH-1 Cobra


What is VX-9's mission?

Operational evaluation of attack, fighter, and electronic warfare aircraft, weapon systems and equipment, and to develop tactical procedures for their employment.


What organization is VX-9's operational chain of command?

Commander, Operational Test and Evaluation Force (COMOPTEVFOR)


What organization is VX-9's administrative chain of command?

Commander, Naval Air Forces, Pacific Fleet (COMNAVAIRPAC)