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When does carbon/epoxy composite material become hazardous?

When material is broken and fiber is exposed.


What precautions must be observed when handling exposed or damaged materials?

- Respirator
- Goggles
- Close-weave cotton gloves


Where are the areas to avoid steeping on?

- Leading edge flaps
- Trailing edge flaps
- Horizontal stabilizers
- Ailerons
- Radome surfaces


To prevent damage to aircraft while towing, what stress panels must be installed?

- 1117
- 2121
- 2122
- 2332
- 2336
- 2348
- 2351
- Integrated Power Package (IPP) FS 518 drop link required to be connected


In regards to landing gear, what purpose does ground safety pins serve?

Secures nose and main landing gear in down position preventing gear retraction while on deck.


What is the purpose for aircraft plugs and covers?

Protect aircraft openings and protruding surfaces from physical and environmental damage and foreign object intrusion.


What is the purpose of the mooring subsystem?

Gives procedures for aircraft mooring?


How are mooring requirements determined?

Wind and weather conditions


In regards to aircraft mooring, where are the tie-down fittings on the aircraft?

- 2 on nose landing gear
- 3 on each of main landing gear
- 2 additional tie downs may be installed using structural access under each wing


What are the benefits for using composite materials?

- High strength to weight ratio
- Wear resistance
- Fatigue life
- Superior corrosion resistance compared to metal counterparts


What does the radome cover and provide?

Covers radar, and provides electrically transparent window for transmitting/receiving radar signals.


Where is the Forward Fuselage located?

End of radome to aft-edge of bulkhead station 270.


What is located within the Forward Fuselage?

- Canopy
- Cockpit
- Nose
- Landing gear


Where is the Upper Center Fuselage located?

Forward edge of bulkhead station 270 to aft-edge of bulkhead station 425.


Where is the Lower Center Fuselage located?

Forward edge of bulkhead station 270 to aft edge of bulkhead station 556 left and right.


What is located within the Upper and Lower Center Fuselage?

- Main landing gear
- Intake ducts
- External stores stations
- Fuselage fuel tanks
- Integrated Power Package (IPP)


Where is the Aft Fuselage located?

Bulkhead station 556 left and right to exhaust nozzle.


What is located within the Aft Fuselage?

- Engine
- Vertical stabilizers
- Horizontal stabilizers
- Arresting hook


What are the functions for the wings?

- Provides lift for aircraft
- Stores fuel
- House leading edge flaps, trailing edge flap and ailerons


What is the purpose for the outboard sections of the wings?

Folds for carrier operations and allows for attachment of pylons for weapons/stores.


What are the components included in the Flight Control System (FCS)?

- Pilots controls
- Dedicated displays and logic switching
- Transducer
- System dynamic and air data sensors
- Signal computation devices
- Transmission devices
- Actuators and signal transmission lines


Flight control command will result in control of what?

- Aircraft flight path
- Altitude
- Airspeed
- Air dynamic configuration
- Ride
- Structural modes


What are Ailerons used for?

Used in pairs to control aircraft in roll, or movement around longitudinal axis.


What is "rolling" or "banking"?

Shift in horizontal stabilizer, resulting in change of heading.


Leading Edge Flap (LEF) control subsystem receives input from what device?

Vehicle Management Computer (VMC)


The Vehicle Management Computer (VMC) consists of what components?

- Left Hand Electronic Unit
- Right Hand Electronic Unit


What is the functions of the Left Hand and Right Hand Electronic Units?

Controls and operates 2 wing Power Drive Units (PDUs) and supplies the Vehicle Management Computer (VMC) with management, Built-in Test (BIT), and health monitoring data.


What are flaps?

Hinged surfaces mounted on trailing edges of wings.


What are flaps used for?

- Reduce speed so aircraft can be safely flown and increase angle of descent for landing
(Shorten takeoff and landing distances)


What is a rudder?

Control surface, typically controlled by pedals.