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What is CASE 1?

Anticipated that flights will NOT encounter IMC during DAYTIME departure/recovery, and the ceiling and visibility around the carrier are no lower than 3,000 ft and five nautical miles.


What is CASE 2?

Anticipated that flights MAY encounter IMCs during DAYTIME departure/recovery, and the ceiling and visibility is carrier control zone are no lower than 1,000 ft and five nautical miles



What is CASE 3?

Anticipated that flights WILL encounter IMCs during a departure/recovery because the ceiling or visibility around the carrier are LOWER than 1,000 Ft and five nautical miles.



What is IFR?

Instrumental Flight Rules
-Rules for governing the procedures for conducting instrument flight.


What is IMC?

Instrumental Meteorological Conditions:
-(Blind Flying) referred to flying in clouds, bad weather, or at night.


What is VFR?

Visual Flight Rules:
-Rules that govern the procedures for conducting flights under visual conditions.


What is VMC?

Visual Meteorological Conditions:
-VMCs are those in which VFR flight is permitted or expressed in terms of visibility, ceiling height, and aircraft clearance from clouds along the path of flight.


What are the duties of the Air Officer?

(Air Boss): responsible for all aspects of operations involving aircraft including hangar deck, the flight deck, and airborne aircraft out of five nautical miles from the carrier.


What are the duties of the Aircraft Handling Officer?

(Handler, ACHO): responsible for arrangement of aircraft about the flight and hangar decks.


What are the duties of the Aircraft Directors?

Responsible for directing all aircraft movement on the hangar and flight decks.


What are the duties of the Arresting Gear Officer?

(AGO): Responsible for arresting gear operation, settings, and monitoring landing area deck status.


What are the duties of the Catapult Officer?

(Shooters): Usually Naval aviators or NFOs and responsible for all aspects of catapult maintenance and operation.


What is CATCC?

Carrier Air Traffic Control Center:
-Maintains the primary control of airborne aircraft operating from the carrier and responsible for the status and upkeep of all carrier air operations.


What is CQ

Carrier Qualifications:
-Purpose is to give pilots a dedicated opportunity to develop fundamental skills associated with operating fixed-wing, carrier-based aircraft.


What are Cyclic Operations?

Launching and recovering of aircraft in groups of "cycles."


What are the duties of the LSO?

Landing Signal Officer: Experienced Pilot who is responsible for the visual control of aircraft in the terminal phase of approach immediately prior to landing.


What is MOVLAS?

Manually Operated Visual Landing Aid System:
- A vertical series of orange lamps manually controlled by the Landing signal officer with hand controller to stimulate the ball.


What is FLOLS?

Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System:
-(Meatball, Ball or "The Source") used to give glide path information to pilots in the terminal phase of landing on an aircraft carrier.


What are Wave-Off lights?

Red Flashing lamps which, when lit, indicate that the pilot must add full power and go around.


What is ACM?

Aircraft Combat Maneuvers:
-Art of maneuvering a combat aircraft in order to attain a position from which an attack can be made on another aircraft.


What is BFM?

Basic Flight Maneuvers:
-Tactical movements performed by fighter aircraft during ACM, in order to gain positional advantage over the opponent.


What is FCF?

Functional Check Flight:
-Determines whether an aircraft airframe, engine, accessories, or equipment is functioning according to established standards.


What is FCLP

Field Controlled Landing Practice:
-Aircraft practices to simulate carrier landings


What is a Ferry?

flights that involve relocating an aircraft from one location to another.


What is OMS?

Off-Board Mission Support:
-Aircrew spend extensive time planning their missions before each flight. The software used for mission planning is called OMS


What is Red Air?

Training mission to provide support for training pilots In air to air combat.


What is SEM?

Section Engaged Maneuvering:
-Flights which are dedicated to training in the WVR environment in which a section will practice a CAP mission while red air attempts to gain advantage.


What is SSC?

Surface Search Contact:
-Missions flown around the aircraft carrier which are dedicated to searching, identifying, and collecting information on surface ships


What is TI?

Tactical Intercept:
-Training missions that involve employing tactics BVR to prosecute red forces.


What is OCA?

Offensive Counter AIR:
-Sweep mission into enemy territory to suppress an enemy's military air power by destroying or disabling the aircraft, preferably on the ground.