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What type of hazards may be present at a known or abandoned clandestine drug lab?

Pressure cookers, booby-traps, trip wires, lethal chemical reactions, or explosive devices.


Limited support in the form of ________ is provided to police departments and other agencies?

Providing research and information on chemicals that are suspected or known to be in the laboratory, remote exterior air monitoring, and decontamination of police entry personnel.


Personnel should be aware of indications of potential clandestine drug laboratories when responding to what type of calls?

EMS, fire, check order, or other service request.


Common indicators of a clandestine drug lab are?

- unusual odors like ether, acetic, solvents, and orders of urea.
- glassware such as flasks, beakers, flasks with vacuum ports, cooling towers, and funnels.
- heating elements, hot plates, or heating mantels
- plastic or rubber tubing
- marked and unmarked chemical containers of various sizes.


Who should be notified when a suspected clandestine drug laboratory is located?

The on-duty Battalion Chief, the Police Department, and the Special Operations Duty Person.


Any agency requesting the Hazardous Incident Response Team for assistance during seizure of the clandestine drug lab should contact who for scheduling?

The Duty Deputy or Car 94


True or False? Personnel showing any signs or symptoms of a chemical exposure during or after any incident involving a laboratory or a suspected laboratory should be treated and transported to poison control.



What is the name of the Hazardous Materials Exposure Report Form that ALL potentially exposed personnel should complete?

Form 91-38D


Who will determine if additional resource requirements are needed at the site of a clandestine drug lab?

The Special Operations Duty Officer or Battalion Chief.


The proper disposal of hazardous materials in a clandestine drug laboratory the responsibility of which agency?

The law enforcement agency making the seizure.