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Extrication Sector is utilized in what situation?

In multiple pt incidents that require physical disentanglement and/or removal of trapped victims.


Once extricated, who is responsible for removing and delivering the pt. to the treatment area?

Extrication Sector


True or False? Extrication will assist Triage with any pt. treatment that is necessary prior to disentanglement?



What are the 9 Extrication Sector Responsibilities?

1. Determine location, # and condition of pt's. in coordination with Triage.
2. Determine if Triage will be performed "in place" or at entrance of treatment area.
3. Determine resources.
4. Assign and supervise extrication teams.
5. Extricate & delive pt's to Tx area(s) or to a casualty collection point.
6. Provide frequent progress reports to command.
7. Ensure safety and accountability of all pt's and assigned crews.
8. Coordinate activities with other sectors.
9. Notify command when all pt's have been removed and that companies are ready for reassignment.


The Extrication Officer shall wear a sector vest for identification purposes and be positioned where?

Positioned in a readily visible location that is accessible to arriving companies and maintain a view of the scene.


What is the best means of communication within a sector?

Face-to-face communication


An evaluation of the # of pt's is an immediate priority. As a reasonable guideline, the initial commitment of one company can be assigned to how many victim's?

5 Victims


What color of salvage covers are used to identify an "Assembly Area"?



What type of company shall be used for victims that require forcible extrication?

Ladder companies


Companies assigned as "Little Bearers" help assist what movement of pt's?

Help move all non-ambulatory pt's to backboards in the event cervical spine precautions are indicated.