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The fire department responsibilities during radiological emergencies include what?

Rescue, treatment, fire control/extinguishment, control of contamination spread and alerting responsible .


Dispatch center will dispatch either a ________ assignment or a ________ assignment with the Hazardous Materials Team to any incident reported to involve radiological materials?

2-1 or 1st Alarm.
**The size of the assignment will be based on the location and type of the situation reported**


What are the 7 Tactical Considerations in Radiological incidents with Fire.

1. Initiate normal tactical firefighting Ops.
2. Always approach from upwind
3. Do not ventilate
4. Minimize the use of water
5. Control water run off – impound for disposal
6. Minimize exposure of personnel
7. Use full protective clothing with SCBA


What are the 5 Tactical Considerations in Rescue/EMS Incidents involving Radiological Hazards.

1. Remove patients quickly
2. Treat patients for medical problems/injuries
3. Alert hospitals to prepare for contaminated patients
4. Use full protective clothing and SCBA
5. Decontaminate vehicles used to transport


If a nuclear weapon involves fire, evacuate the area of how many feet in all directions immediately?

2,000 feet.