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The creation of a Transportation Branch and the assignment of a Transportation Branch Director to coordinate transportation functions for ALL Treatment locations is useful when?

When the transport of pt's from two or more Treatment Areas occurs simultaneously during large, complex medical incidents.


6 Transportation Branch Responsibilities

1. Ensure the functions of transportation are carried out.
2. Supervise and coordinate the transportation functions and personnel assigned,
3. Determine/Request resource needs to Command.
4. Communicate direction to tactical units (Sectors)
5. Ensure units are completing objectives.
6. Maintain Incident documentation.


9 Transportation Branch standard operations.

1. Coordinate the assignment of rescues from Staging area to various Sectors (East Transportation, LZ).
2. Determine hospital availability status through Dispatch on Med-9.
3. Coordinate all patient allocation and hospital designation.
4. Coordinate movement of pt's from treatment areas to Rescue loading areas or helicopter LZ.
5. Maintain an accounting of all pt's and destination.
6. Ensure the safety and accountability of all assigned personnel.
7. Provide frequent progress reports to command.
8. Notify hospital through Dispatch of ETA of specific Rescues or Helicopters.
9. Notify Command when All IMMEDIATE pt's have been transported.


The Transportation Branch Director should be stationed at what preferred location?

At a Central location, at or near the Command Post.


Each Transportation Sector (e.g. East Transportation Sector) will require what amount of personnel?

1 Full Company


True or False? Transportation Branch will operate on the current assigned radio channel for the incident.

False. Due to the complexity of the operation, a separate radio channel will be assigned exclusively to the Transportation Branch.


When a Transportation Branch is utilized, whose responsibility is it to notify the receiving hospitals of the pt's enroute, their triage status and ETA.

Transportation Branch Director


How is the hospital destination determined?

1. Dispatch/Alarm will advise Transportation Branch of hospital availability through direct communication.
2. The Transportation Branch will notify the Transportation Sector of hospital destination.
3. The Transportation Sector will advise the rescue personnel assigned of the destination hospital.


What other information besides transport unit and hospital destination can be written down on the transportation tracking slips as time permits?

Pt's name, age, and injuries


During an incident where the Transportation Branch is established, the Transportation Sector Officer's functions as what?

Functions as a Coordinator and resource allocator, consolidating communications with Dispatch and Command.