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A Medical Supply Sector is established on what type of response (or greater)?

On a 3-Alarm Medical (or greater) major medical incident.


In the event a Medical Supply Sector is needed, Dispatch will special call what unit from the airport and what truck from Resource Management to the scene?

Medical Support 19 from the airport and EMS Supply Truck from Resource Management.


What members will the Medical Supply Sector be staffed with?

The Fire Company assigned on scene, the personnel assigned to MS19, and the EMS Supply Truck, with the Company Officer assigned as the Medical Supple Sector Officer.


At incidents with less than 20 Pt's, who will Medical Supply Sector report to?



At larger mass casualty incidents, Medical Supply Sector will report to?

Medical Branch or Logistics Section


5 Medical Supply Sector Capabilities?

1. Provide EMS Supplies (triage tags, IV's, backboards, trauma supplies, gloves, goggles, masks, etc.).
2. Provide Biohazard supplies (Containers, plastic bags, sharps containers, etc.).
3. Provide Oxygen Refill.
4. Set up an oxygen manifold.
5. Obtain needed offsite supplies.


What is the purpose for establishing a Medical Supply Sector?

To improve the fire department's capability to treat pt's arising fom a large-scale multiple pt. incident.


Following an upgrade to a 4-Alarm Medical, what additional resources will be dispatched to the scene?

A 2nd EMS supply truck and a 2nd Adaptive Response Unit.