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Transportation Sector is established for what purpose?

To manage pt. transportation from the scene to appropriate medical facilities.


Which Sector Officer must notify Command of the EMS Tactical benchmark of "All IMMEDIATES" transported.

Transportation Sector
(When Utilized as a Sector)


The Transportation Sector Officer must "Size Up" the transportation needs including what resources?

Ambulances, Air Ambulances or other transportation modes (City busses or vans).


What additional resources may be utilized within the Transportation Sector to aid in:
1. Medical communications
2.Transport loading
3. Record keeping
4. Air medical transport coordination
5. Staging

1. Hospital Communications Coordinator
2. Loading Coordinator
3. Charting Officer
4. LZ Sector
5. Staging


When multiple pt's are transported by air, the LZ Sector will be responsible for what?

Tracking pt. destination, communicate landing instructions with incoming/outgoing aircraft, and enforce established safety standards for the LZ.


No more than how many ambulances at a time should be brought in to the loading area?

No more than 2 Ambulances


A separate entry and exit point for Rescues or Ambulances in the loading area alleviates what?

The need to back ambulances.


IMMEDIATE and DELAYED pt's are priority to the nearest facilities, what does the term "leap-frogging" refer to in regards to MINOR pt's.

Transporting MINOR pt's to distant hospitals to minimize transport times for pt's to closer facilities.


Prior to transport, the Transportation Sector Officer (or designee) will remove a transportation tracking slip from the pt and write the following on it?

The transport unit and hospital designation.


What is the purpose for using transportation tracking slips?

To maintain accountability of all pt's leaving the scene.


Rescue personnel will have the responsibility of providing a courtesy notification (CN) to the receiving hospital which includes what information?

1. Estimated time of arrival
2. # and type of pt. on board
3. Brief description of pt injuries.


Transportation should advise the Dispatch Center on Med-9 of what?

Destination, Estimated time of arrival and pt status.